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Fasting Caution & Avoid Rookie Jeopardy!

Fasting Caution & Avoid Rookie Jeopardy!
Fasting Caution & Avoid Rookie Jeopardy!

Good summary on YouTube by Dr. Michael Gregor on fasting caution, otherwise, I advocate The True North Clinic near San Fransisco. It is very much the “Cadillac” way to go and for anyone with any fasting cautions! They charge, but provide round the clock monitoring and care along with a morale boost!

Of the countless thousands in their experience only two with serious complications and no mortalities. That is not a bad testament!

I’m reluctant to scare, but caution is wise! As a result otherwise, always consult a medical advisor.

Just follow cautions with also a pragmatic sense

But do not let all this caution become a deterrent leading to total inaction. Just follow cautions with also a pragmatic sense.

Always listen to your body! If you read my e-book It’s very much a personal journey. My main concerns: enough water.
This should be sufficient Himalayan salt for me! Hydrate Hydrate!
Need technique to transport toxins OUT OF YOUR BODY! literally must be on ‘eject’ FROM BOWEL. Not reabsorption within Alimentary Canal!
There are heavy metals, and serious toxins locked up in our fat cells! If we effectively rid ourselves, a huge plus.
I even see the dark stains on my towels in the sauna! Which I still undertake whilst Fasting.

And saunas a whole other health modality! I call it a double modality if one interchanges with Cryotherapy under a seriously cold shower by way of contrast!

My own cautions respecting fasting.

Vital that one’s body has serious past exposure to ketosis. That is fat burning. This is an entirely different metabolism.
Only a fraction of percent ever actually experiences ketosis, which is access to our fat storage, primarily around the gut!
Intermittent fasting is an excellent introduction for this sole purpose. I am not an enthusiast of the ketosis formula of high carbs, low fats and high proteins.
Excess proteins are a stress for both liver and kidneys. For my weight of 140 lbs, I try to limit proteins to a maximum of around 80 Calories.  And this all based on a BMI almost 20.

Our bodies do not need the continuum of routine

Also to strongly recommending the changing window of feeding frequently. Our bodies do not need the continuum of routine. Some days let the fasting period overnight be 13 hours and others extend to 20 hours.
It’s the change that also respects our DNA’s built-in expressions within our cellular makeup and built up over eons. Like millions of years!

It is a fine balance on length of time. Ironically, and purely coincidentally Dr. Michael Greger, is yet another advocate, of limiting fasting to a maximum of five days. This coincides with Dr. Valter Longo’s conclusion from an entirely different research field as to optimum time for humans happening to be five days!

But after listening to Greger inclined to perhaps end a shade before five days… but just a shade! Fasting Caution & Avoid Rookie Jeopardy!