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Turmeric & Wheat Grass…Beats Colitis

Turmeric, WheatGrass & Colitis

Turmeric, WheatGrass & Colitis ….those suffering from Metabolic Syndrome issues: Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, Diabetes, know how hard it is weaning off drug therapy. Specialists prescribing autoimmune drugs, sadly have short patience with conversations relating to diet! Drugs such as Remicade and Humira are extremely expensive, once prescribed, are usually there for life of the patient. Side effects can be horrendous. Every now and then, patients make that huge effort to jump from drug therapy….then it’s keeping the fingers crossed for maintained remission. This fight against Metabolic Syndrome disease… multifaceted. Microbiome is new discovered frontier…I have already written about Microbiome and Intense exerciseThe benefits HIIT seriously positive for our brain… and consequently aids fighting Dementia and Alzheimer’s, plus metabolic syndrome illnesses such as Colitis. Hence Turmeric, WheatGrass & Colitis.

Thanks to doctors out of New York, we now know that Turmeric, can be used very effectively to fight Ulcerative Colitis. They have been editorially congratulated on performing the largest study ever, on complementary medical approaches, to treat inflammatory bowel disease. Thus….. Turmeric, WheatGrass & Colitis.

Interestingly in separate studies, WheatGrass juice…also shown to be effective in the treatment of active distal ulcerative colitis. This somewhat shock-tasting juice, has long been suspected for positive gastrointestinal treatments, but we now have numbers from controlled trials that give up to 90 % effectiveness! So let’s add this to the formula!

Strangely, in contradistinction, Aloe Vera gel, that long has been, and apparently incorrectly, anecdotally favoured is not a candidate! Solution make a good smoothie and disguise the taste…but keep the fiber! Consequently make sure you add: Turmeric, WheatGrass & Colitis!