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Top Defying Flu Fighting Rules

Top Defying Flu Fighting Rules
Top Defying Flu Fighting Rules

As soon as you feel you are coming down with a cold or flu it important to launch a massive cellular response, AND immediately. Now research seems to bear this out. There are also other modalities that we have often discussed. All combined together have a significant and cumulative effect.

Nutrients Response, Vitamins D and C together, with Zinc, and Beta Glucans:

Use Liposomal Vitamin C, even hourly

Take 25,000 IU s Vitamin D or even 35,000 to 40,000 if chronically short, for three days

Suck on Zinc lozenges, but watch the sugar!

Deploy Beta-glucans, which boost Natural Killer Cells (NK cells). These are lymphocytes or White Cells. Enough of them limit microbial infections! As a precautionary diet, Mushrooms are a natural source, particularly Shitake!

Causes of that Flu Season:

Usually winter months as people indoors. Also applies close quarters of planes and schools.

Also, cold outdoors, weakens natural immune defense in our nose.

The very young say under 6 and seniors are more vulnerable.

Lack of proper sleep and party time does not help!

Smoking is a real negative.

Stress always a negative, and somehow Christmas is stressful!

What to Do:
Ensure your diet optimum, with prebiotics and probiotics. Remember that microbiome so important.
Get enough sleep. This is far more important than we realize and has been a theme time and again on this site.
Some 7 to 8 hours is the optimum amount. Remember those glial glands only work when we are asleep, and that is intense removal of toxins through the brain equivalent of a lymphatic system.
Try to keep to you Circadian Rhythm. Varying continuously the ‘go to bed time’, and ‘get up time’ is detrimental. Certainly eschew the thought of catch up time on weekends, however tempting.
Keep your exercise routine, however do not over exercise. That operates as a negative! Our article on Lord Mick Jagger shows just how committed he is. But that level of exercise has to be carefully managed! 
Avoid too much alcohol over party time! 

You know it is all pretty obvious. But to finish on this topic Circadian Rhythm.

What is so interesting is some research out of Yale on mice. A study done in 2012 actually found that the circadian clocks of mice control an essential immune system gene that helps to protect them from bacteria and virus.
This gene is called a toll-like receptor 9 TLR9 and it’s uplink, as it were, allows mice to ward off infections!
This I bet is also reflected in humans, stand by for the whole area to become a new buzz ground of research.