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Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize!

Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize!
Attention (place name here) I’m afraid I have to write to complain about a drastic overreach that has been perpetrated upon me by one of your branches On (place date) I was asked to come into the branch at (place location) to discuss the use of my Royal Bank Visa card. There was concern from the security department that there might have been some kind of fraud being perpetrated upon myself and the account by my son Michael. I have worked with my son for many years both actively and as an advisor on several different projects and as such, I will often travel with him or alone on behalf of the project. Any expenses that I have incurred, either alone or in the company of my son, has always been promptly reimbursed by him. This is clearly reflected in my payment history where he has never left me holding debt on his behalf. When I was asked to come into the branch, the manager or some other faceless account investigator unilaterally suspended my card with no thought as to the consequences of those actions. I regularly use it to pay for regular expenses for myself as well as my wife years who suffers from serious medical issues and requires regular in house hospice attention which is paid for through that same credit card and reimbursed by my son who covers all our financial needs. Some services, once lapsed on payment, will require reapplication for renewal and my wife may no longer qualify which will create undue hardship for us with any break in service and or increased costs. Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize!

Great success this Monday, October 2nd 2017 for three scientists from around the world… a Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize…that has circadian significance, and supports the theme fundamentally of this WebSite! They have won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm. Congratulations Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young! I have continuously written about the importance of our internal clock.

My instincts come from an evolutionary and paleolithic view of our human race that is doing everything to ignore with our present lifestyle the consequences of our DNA makeup. These researchers, or Chronobiologists, have really helped in identifying how cells in organisms…it’s not just humans!..regulate their internal chronotype or circadian rhythm. Biology…my original science!..after all reigns supreme! These internal clocks have a huge role in our health and can negatively drive disasters such as cancer risk, mental health, and obesity as a consequence! Great book by chronobiologist Till Roenneberg called ‘Internal Time;…’ this was published way back!..and it really emphasizes circadian importance…now endorsed! Even plants depend on this rhythm and those that are continuously in the dark…are equally dependent conversely! It’s relatively complicated! First a gene causing cells to produce a PER protein that accumulates at night and breaks down daytime. After levels degrade a switch on again! A second protein found in 1994 called timeless…this binds with PER so as to enter nucleus to block activity, and another gene regulates to match 24 hour cycle! In addition hormones and other genes work with light being pivotal!

All this in my opinion to help us survive! We humans have uniquely have turned the table on the damage of light…Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize!

Our skin metabolizes and uses it for Vitamin D…and other ancillary cellular functioning! It’s an adaptation to and for hunter gatherer forbears that reaped a survival advantage from the DNA adaptations and the specific genes developed as a result! There is real validity to shift work…watch out nurses, night shifts, airline crews…it goes on! as a probable cancer trigger. Circadian Rhythm Nobel Prize!