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Tricks Achieve Optimum Healthy Rice!

Tricks Achieve Optimum Healthy Rice!
Tricks Achieve Optimum Healthy Rice!

To remind you that in Asia brown rice recipes just a ‘no no’ to order! They up to recently, modulate their diets with rice and remain lean. But rice from Asia is anyway, probably contaminated! But let’s not be smug, with the exception of the newer less contaminated ground in California, the rest of the US where rice is grown is contaminated soil!

This is the reason why we should all know how to prepare rice:

Avoid using rice cooker with exact measurements of water for rice.
Do not just simmer with exact two and a half water to one ratio.
Refer to our article on how to cook rice ten to one and end up with fluffy Asian style rice, and half the Arsenic!
This is also my mother’s technique, and most of her life in Asia!

Another salutary thought. White rice has shelf staying power up to thirty years! Wow now that is a testament to extraction of almost everything, except Arsenic!

In North America try to use brown, red and black rice:
They are full of fiber, and no question are therefore miles better for our microbiome.
Brown rice has four times as much dietary fiber as white rice.
This includes prebiotic fiber types that encourage and foster the good bacteria in our gut.
It seems here lies the secret of the apparent anti obesity effects! This is why weight loss seems to accompany brown rice eaters!
In addition we regain all the nutrients that are milled away in the white rice process. Think of the lost vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients just thrown away.
Personally suggest a good compromise!
I like white rice, but minimize that risk. Try to get from US, BUT only California. In other words avoid those old cotton fields that were sprayed with arsenic for cotton!
And whenever you cook white rice, cook as we describe in our blog under recipes. This is my mother’s Asian Method and from there! Then change from white rice say once a week.
Choose dishes of brown and colored rice. Or Black, red you name it. It follows the concept of benefits of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. All to do with Anthrocyanins and Flavanoids! The video below ends on this positive note!