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Gut Bacteria Harms Heart!

Gut Bacteria Harms Heart!
Gut Bacteria Harms Heart!

This site often discusses information gap relating to cholesterol. I ADVOCATE focus ratios good and bad cholesterol readings of more underlying major importance. Cholesterol… just the name, has had bad rap…vital to our health…control through drug therapy, example: statins, may cause underlying harmful results. Liver, when LDL… so called bad cholesterol… reduced, seems to ‘panic’… fractionates small particles balance! Those fragments seem harmful…negative artery plaque deposit, simply because of their small size! Analogy in fascinating, groundbreaking research, by Dr. Stanley Hazen of the Lerner Research Institute at Cleveland Clinic. Heart disease similarly victim… implications of this research incredible… Gut Bacteria Harms Heart! Some personal experience…as I do not have immediate siblings, the ‘heart health’ of my blood cousins living in Australia always of major concern. Most suffer from serious heart issues. My cousin Christopher, who as child was older ‘brother’ to me, passed away decade ago…despite being fit and athletic…indeed, he had just finished a workout swim. For long time personally wondered at Aussie breakfasts with their ‘healthy’ steaks added to equation! Australia nation of meat eaters! Cleveland research now explains dilemma. In short, produces culprit carnitine… from carnis, Latin for carnivore!… found much lesser extent other foods… chicken, fish, milk…

But carnitine itself not dangerous. Problem is metabolism in Microbiome by bacteria for fuel, resulting ‘TMAO’ in bloodstream as result liver chemical byproduct metabolism. Thus Gut Bacteria Harms Heart!

TMAO enables plaque deposit arteries, and preventing body excreting excess cholesterol. Bacteria in gut use carnitine as fuel with resulting rapid multiplication quite in ideal environment for them… not for us! Vegans… and even vegetarians…produce zero carnitine… resulting in no harmful bacteria. Similarly, when taking antibiotics all cells in gut annihilated… incidentally not a good idea for a host of other reasons!… resulting zero bacteria zero chemical byproduct. Fits exactly into my paleolithic philosophy…and I am not talking about a typical paleo diet, usually heavy on meat like that of Lora Hooper, immunologist and microbiologist at University Texas, who exclaimed Yikes hearing of Hasel study! We are paleolithic, stretching beyond ‘paleo‘!… by millennia when primarily plant and fruit eaters. Solution: easy! Cut back drastically on steaks as Hazen has: instead of regular 12 oz steaks…just maybe once every two weeks and then 4 oz. What have always been saying, or Gut Bacteria Harms Heart!