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‘Natural’ Lycopene DNA Magic!

'Natural' Lycopene DNA Magic!
'Natural' Lycopene DNA Magic!

‘Natural’ Lycopene DNA Magic! Dr. Michael Greger’s painstaking research allows me connect dots & make further connection probable evolution reality…supporting strong argument for natural foods. Tomatoes, category: fruit! North Americans eat about 90 lbs of tomatoes a year…beating potatoes! Suspect real drive…craving for pizza…carbs compounded by gluten dough!..contribution to obesity! Seems lone lycopene pill…of no real value PSA reduction…at whatever concentration! BUT if taken naturally: tomatoes!..in case studies: simple tomato sauce (survey use three quarters can for only three weeks!)…dramatic positive difference JUST over short time. PSA levels dropping 17.5 %. (This also Reminiscent “terminal” prostrate cancer sufferer, who in hospice…similarly took natural tomato sauce, even only quarter cup daily!…his PSA…a stunning drop 138 to 8 over time.) Also survey oxidation DNA damage by free radicals registering a stunning 21% drop!

What does all this mean?.. Means our bodies really have the ability to fight shocking onslaught of health negatives, exacerbated in supposedly fantastic, and sophisticated society, with all those ‘know it all professionals’ each chiseling away separately in their specialties, and literally seemingly blind and oblivious of interlocking factors, research, overlapping disciplines, and really ignorant of nutrition negatives… its wanton beyond belief!

Working is DNA magic of a favorable reaction to low concentrations of multi nutrients. ‘Natural’ Lycopene DNA Magic!

Graphic example: real tomatoes, plus vitamin E, plus cucummin…when all three are present it means 70% reduction of that PSA! With my instinctive difficulty over applying a ‘logical’ mathematical approach to biological sciences, research, and understanding. Animals, plants, humans are organic NOT inorganic and standard logical paradigms seem NOT to apply! I think this is incredible news! We Humans have adapted well to almost impossible environmental circumstances, and every now and then our DNA development involves quantum leaps with workable and survival characteristics of the assembly of an almost impossible massive number of factors…this almost reflecting Anti Reductionist reaction! Advance, as a result of such complexity, almost miraculous, but it’s biotic reality! Explains how such complex organisms were and are achieved over evolutionary time…it’s not just gradual painstaking, trudging, slow and gradual evolution…’Natural’ Lycopene DNA Magic!