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Tinnitus How Serious & Cure?

Tinnitus How Serious & Cure?
Tinnitus How Serious & Cure?

Tinnitus How Serious & Cure? Personally victim of Tinnitus, and fortunately it is limited to one ear! At the moment do not give too much thought to the issue, BUT the history of it’s development is somewhat perplexing and worth sharing. After all one in ten out there have this condition…what is truly alarming is the steady mounting affliction of younger and younger persons! This believe is because of not just live concerts, which have always existed, and nightclubs with high decibels, but now screens and earphones often hooked to music extensively, coupled with EMF exposure. There may also be a posture problem caused by slouching before screens that cause tension in the muscle and nerves of the neck!

Was a period many years back, and think this is not uncharacteristic, when personally was aggravated by my right ear…that feeling of needing to ‘pop’ it by blowing and holding breath at same time, or whatever. Had my doctor look… and he came to the conclusion that perhaps should go on a course of antibiotics as he saw some inflammation. This I did extensively but no results. Needless to say, as an aside, and then I was not fully tuned to the huge damage antibiotics can accomplish on one’s health, particularly the microbiome! With no immediate solution, attended allergy doctor…really ended in nothing. Attended hearing doctor, and this ultimately led to sophisticated tests at hospital hearing center. This also really came to a jarring conclusion that perhaps I did not have hearing loss. There is a But here because it seems that measurement of actual hearing loss from Tinnitus is difficult by conventional testing so that result on reflection may not be consoling! However in retrospect it does bring out some points, that took some years to understand and this is worth sharing! Seems that personally right ear did not drain water that well, or likely for both, but right happened to become infected from the moisture that is always breeding ground for bacteria.

Another problem is that I often took cold showers to get those cold shock proteins and after standing for some time under the shower water naturally gets into the ear. It is essential to rid the ears of this water. Think that my ear design not that viable! The following paragraph important:

Now we have all heard of the dangers of ear picks..those swabs that are double ended to a plastic stem. Millions of $s made by the likes of Proctor and Gamble and Unilever in this sector! In medical parlance, ear picks dangerous because the last thing anyone should do is to pack down ear wax! But, exceptions in personal case…gentle application to absorb moisture most beneficial. Plus now also use hairdryer to ensure that base of ear is indeed dry! This stopped continual chronic infection and consequently progression of damage…hopefully.

In reality the damage from tinnitus seems to be at the inner ear level. Just praying there may be variants to this equation..say perhaps to middle ear! But perhaps the elimination of that hope is reality of actual tinnitus ringing which self evidently may exclude optimism! Can it be cured? apparently not…But if this is a potentially progressive matter do believe initial cause eliminated! Particularly interesting as this is one sided because the original infection was also one sided! Now is there a cure despite the apparent medical view to the contrary…Tinnitus How Serious & Cure?

It is easily summarized: 1…Chronic ringing is caused by cells damaged inside the inner ear or cochlea…affects one in ten adults…2…Causation: loudness… thus military at huge risk, injuries to head or neck, medications, and ear infections and even EMF (Electromagnetic field exposure).

In short order…EMF avoidance of holding the phone directly to the ear…use speaker mode…or cord, and even wireless reduces risk, as so much less of a multiple impact effect…therefore less damage.

Nutritional interventions maybe can help…optimistic! Ginkgo biloba…but seems a fair amount of dosage and good quality! Magnesium seems to improve tinnitus expecially noise induced type. Ubiquinol the reduced form of CoQ10 may also have an improved effect through the support of mitochondrial function and deficiencies of Zinc and Vitamin B12…may aggravate tinnitus sufferers! But when we reduce the equations…tinnitus really means permanent damage…BUT…take a peek at this Video…if the damage is not extensive then this may resolve that ringing! But personally always try to carry ear plugs to noisy venues such as concerts, & keep that cell phone on speaker!¬†Tinnitus How Serious & Cure?