Home Health & Fitness Devastating Star Fruit Sabotaging Kidneys AND Brain

Devastating Star Fruit Sabotaging Kidneys AND Brain

Devastating Star Fruit Sabotaging Kidneys AND Brain
Devastating Star Fruit Sabotaging Kidneys AND Brain

My son in law just returned after a lightning-fast and exhausting visit to Brazil. He was at a typical Brazilian, early breakfast smorgasbord. They will cook eggs to order but always with a variety of fruits and vegetables accompanying it.

Their local, prolific Star Fruit on full display!

Easy to down several of these and they are small and highly toxic!

He thought that the jet lag caused a lot of disorientation. Fortunately, he is fit and weathered the storm!

But you do not have to be in a remote village and be poisoned by Star Fruit which quickly becomes an Intensive Care matter.

Requires latest Emergency techniques in handling poisons! That is a far distance from remote villages!

In Brazil, Star Fruit (aka Carambola) grows abundantly but they require food outlets to carry warnings on eating them!

With my son-in-law, a demonstration of how easily we can fall into a death trap! Being on a plane from the west coast, through Chicago and thence to San Palo. Thereafter, three smaller carriers to get to the final destination. It all amounts to some 40 hours of continuous travel. Given fears of local water, coupled with dehydration effects of airplane travel and it’s a disaster waiting to happen for Northern travelers!

Our dangerous Obsession with White Sugar, and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Emergency Physicians presented with uncontrollable, intractable, hiccups in Emergency. Should always question patient whether they have eaten Star Fruit.

But also those with compromised kidneys at a severe disadvantage. These days North Americans obsessed with Sugars.

These include Obsession with White Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup. The latter is laced into Processed Foods and also contains a multitude of toxins. Again an overload on the Kidneys!

Pre Diabetic and Diabetic conditions affect more than 50%. Our Obesity Crisis is invariably and inextricably associated with Diabetes.

Just a small % otherwise! This often latent debility can predispose so many for a Star Fruit disaster!

The neurotoxicity has been known since 1933. It does not take much vulnerability of the kidneys to set a fatal sequence.

Exacerbated by dehydration and an empty stomach. The neurotoxin is CARAMBOXIN.

The hiccups are the first clue. Leading to a crossing of neurotoxin through the blood-brain barrier.

Then seizure to a coma and probable death unless real Emergency services there to try and save the patient.

It is quite possible that with enough negative circumstances present then a single Star Fruit can start the disaster sequence.

My take? Just remember this Article that Devastating Star Fruit Sabotaging Kidneys AND Brain. But it can easily be Fatal. My son in law may have been a lucky Cross Time Zones and Brazil traveler.