Home Health & Fitness Treacherous Obesity Results From Hyperinsulinemia Health Insult?

Treacherous Obesity Results From Hyperinsulinemia Health Insult?

Treacherous Obesity Results From Hyperinsulinemia Health Insult?
Treacherous Obesity Results From Hyperinsulinemia Health Insult?

Include here are almost diametrically opposite viewpoints on obesity. The Fifth Estate is a somewhat harsh critique of Dr. William Davis, a best seller with his Wheat Belly book.

Empathize Fifth Estate’s reporter somewhat. He at huge disadvantage in absence of knowledge of far greater biological, nutritional, biochemical issues than DNA of Wheat strains! Also, his go-to source expert really narrow in expertise scope and discipline!

The Wheat Belly concept at first blush looks promotional and self-serving.

However, breads are effectively simple carbohydrates. They are just part of a much larger and far more serious lifestyle and health picture!

Side thought!
My overriding impression with a quick glance of Dr. William Davis at the podium.  He has adipose belly fat! Victim for whatever reason!
Now, given the hyperinsunlinemic considerations I outline, he may be one of the few that escape with immunity.
But bet he has never had a CAC scan! Despite his cardio specialty!
Insulin Resistance is really the main issue and main platform for action…not the wheat strains. He is focused entirely on Wheat! This tiny fraction of issues at stake!

Here is the video with the full opportunity to play it!

The concept in Fifth Estate Video:

That Wheat really not really changing over last 10,000 years. Likely correct! But Wheat Belly too narrow!!

Let’s look at the broader picture.

Refined Carbs are carbs. Fundamental issue is the presence of Hyperinsuinemic Syndrome? Needs a multi-faceted approach and focus on Insulin Resistance.

May be necessary to seriously cut back on Carbs.

Unless you are one of the lucky few who NOT at risk with NO Calcification! And refined carbohydrates target!

This just happens to include most Wheat Breads. But also Pasta, and Rice! It is not just Wheat!!!

Think Fifth Estate ‘response’ too narrow and really not a service to a far broader health issue. this literally killing our populations. Includes Life expectancy that is just starting to reverse in the US!

Peter Attia in Ted talk of opening YouTube has got it right!

At risk of repetition, many who are 55 to 65 may keel over with a heart attack, yet look slim and normal. Slimmer than Dr. William Davis!

Look at athlete, researcher Dr. Tim Noakes of South Africa. A diabetic, which unknown to himself for so long, and growing up, like myself, on a high Carb diet and not just low fat but wrong fats as well!

The world is becoming one great Metabolic Syndrome cesspool.
Obesity reflecting problems for most, except a handful of Obese exceptions! of the Hyperinsuinemic Syndrome present.
Now even permeating in African Populations!
For a long time, they have enjoyed excellent heart health with fibre-rich diets and excellent microbiomes. But processed foods and carbs wrong fats now killing them!

All of which corroborates Ivor Cummins YouTube below!

Indeed there ARE many papers supporting the wider proposition Obesity is part of an insulin problem. Even our microbiome has to be just right and fine-tuned!

Cross-check this with Cummins excellent summary on the right triggers for the gut, and they mesh perfectly! Again as Greger says: Wonderbread is a ‘no-no’. Treacherous Obesity Results From Hyperinsulinemia Health Insult?