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Welsh Struggle With Obesity


Jamie Owen’s video underlines the difficult subject of the right diet. Advantage here, without being elitist…rawness of Jamie questions. This highlights real confusion Welsh minds. Nation that follows standard, official, advice…almost blindly! But as Jamie, almost naively, remonstrates with perhaps innate wisdom…there is something wrong…as Welsh Struggle With Obesity has clearly failed! Heritage: diet Britain, once dictated by rationing World War 2, and long afterwards. Have always maintained ration coupons implicitly endorsed sweets …their term for candies…AND notion product safe! Demand so intense, that ‘get in line!’ Jamie Owen…great Welsh name!…classic! Just have feeling he purposely, wholeheartedly, adopted naivety, as having the public’s same ‘no alternative’! Kindly, inquiring, and appreciative guidance. Well good on him, as this is exactly what his countrymen and women have to deal with…Result: spoken down by authoritarian rationalization, and implicit continued support of Processed Food Industry, AND comfortable status quo of already ‘vested’ bureaucracy!

Should be many tweaks to Jamie’s kick off diet….for real success Welsh Struggle With Obesity.

Starters…increase good fats…means cutting out most polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, and vegetable fats. Less enthusiasm for wholehearted meat, but crackling also my favorite! Carbohydrate and Protein count! Jamie…almost early Atkins diet…but some increase in fats. Yet am startled at drop in total cholesterol…and in such short time frame! See how queasy his own GP! How rigid ‘official’ Welsh position! Jamie would reap ‘after burn’ with combination of disciplines. Then KETOSIS really helps. Partial fasting, combined recycling weekly, with increased proteins and carbs. Result a metabolic re-boost and reboot! Mitochondrial health best enhanced without always same routine. Short explanation: our bodies actually benefit with extremes! Win Hof example! Graphic from YouTube as what 25 grams of carbs really is!! paltry…and that is why we mostly get all of this wrong!

Remember that Jamie really being given discipline as advice..BUT for the obese…BEYOND DISCIPLINE…ultimately 100% hormone driven. With the obese, means out of their control, and not their fault. Its sad process of liver redepositing HFCS as fat…and as Jamie quite remarkably states, as his dog runs on that Welsh beach: “…no amount of exercise, even for the four legged, will burn off the fat”! Reality: You just cannot exercise your way out of The Welsh Struggle With Obesity!