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Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!

Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!
Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!

My early heritage steeped in: Darwinism, Evolution, the Concept of Survival of the Fittest, the then conflicts with Lamarckism, with its then politically Communist overlay! Then: fascination with the Discovery of DNA, and subsequent empathy to Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick at Cambridge University in 1962, when I was ‘up’ there. He along with colleagues, including American Watson…who still alive and strong and younger than the the late Francis Crick in 2004. THEN, impact of remarkable intellectual ‘about turn’ of Otto Heinrich Warburg, from emphasis structural DNA considerations resulting from the Crick research…in terms of causation of cancer, to cellular mitochondrial considerations, understanding, and a different fundamental to the fight against cancer. BUT an understanding of the ‘WHY’ from an evolutionary concept…and the HOW, in order to harness the biochemistry involved…all of which emanates from our DNA heritage…is excellently explained by Dr. Ron Rosedale…His narrative in a lecture is captured in this respect by the lead in YouTube to this article. Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!

Once we understand fundamentals from brilliant Dr. Ron Rosedale, not to be confused with others with the same name!…and APPLY the ‘HOW’…we can challenge the consequences of our dreadful ‘modern society’ that is debilitates millions into an awful health cesspool of misery and death. Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!

Nutshell: Our DNA inheritance does NOT care about our earthly survival once we have passed on our DNA through reproduction…our bodies totally designed for that purpose…immaterial what happens subsequently! The ‘WHY’ explained. Once that grasped…we can trick our bodies into LONGEVITY, by prolonging environment of pre-reproduction. Aging is competition damage and damage repair, and revolves around the body sensing nutrients. We all have mechanisms in our cells to outlast famine…some single cell organisms can deep freeze themselves for eons for a better day. BUT our nutrient sensors still exist! Insulin, IGf, Leptin, Energy sensors, AND the overriding command sensor of the Mammalian Target of mTOR Rapamycin…the mTOR signalling pathway that has been around since the beginning of life almost 4 billion years ago!

Implementation? Quite simple!!! we ‘replicate’ cellularly that famine…we, for example, can restrict nutrients and trick these aging bodies of ours into LONGEVITY…This principle predominates this Health Blog…Pre-Paleo Origin Important Longevity!…with knowledge it’s within reach and NOW!