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Heartwarming Heart Advice! Calcification Challenge! & Gut Caution!


Oh how our medical profession seems to hang on to seemingly outdated concepts! Here is some Heartwarming Heart Advice! Calcification Challenge! & Gut Caution!

Infatuation with Cholesterol:
and by that mean so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL), is one!
For this reason, have concluded this posting with a Youtube video of brilliant Rhonda Patrick.
She succinctly explains the importance of LDL. but rapidly ‘digests’ this with a gut phenomenon.
That is the necessity to coordinate good gut bacteria with our LDL. If so, LDL with good processing Microbiome is important!

Nearly all inflammation factors and LDL issues start with Insulin Resistance! I prefer the term, Insulin Resistance Syndrome! This is also stated loud and clear by Dr. Berg!

A huge portion of our North American population is Insulin Resistant at this point being either diabetic or pre-diabetic and this condition is rapidly spreading around the globe. By the time the traditional marker tests demonstrate the issue, it is really too late!

This is truly the ‘Black Death’ of our era…and it transposes into an obvious marker, Obesity. But do not forget that many of us even who are not obese may yet be insulin resistant!

The root of the problem is a high level of insulin.
High insulin in the body causes inflammation, which damages arteries. That causes the body to have to form clots.
And when those clots build up and block your blood vessels, you get heart disease and worse a heart attack.
This means the flow of blood to the heart is restricted, leaving it starved of oxygen and as the heart muscle cramps, a heart attack ensues with possible death.
We have discussed Calcification Scores in past articles but it cannot be emphasized enough that the Coronary Artery Calcification Score (CAC) is all-important in the assessment of damage!

If your CAC scores are high, you can still take positive action and reverse the damage. You will want to support your body in reducing inflammation, preventing further damage, and protecting your heart.

Dr. Berg believes a singular all-important action is to lower insulin by changing the way that you eat.

He advocates the following (direct links included):

  • Consider ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for your heart health.
  • Both of these approaches are excellent at lowering insulin, and they can show some real benefit when it comes to heart disease risk.
  • Try these tips for the best diet for heart disease. Eating lots of vegetables and healthy fats, and reduce sugars, carbs, and even whole grains.
  • Learn more about the ignored causes of heart disease.

Here’s what Dr. Berg says CAC numbers mean:

  • A score of 0 – your risk is extremely low.
  • A score of 1-80 – you should be concerned.
  • A score of 81-400 – you are in a pretty serious situation, and you should start taking steps to reverse the problem.
  • A score of 400 or above – you risk is very high. You need to make changes now.
  • A score of 1,000 or higher – your risk for a heart attack is 10x higher than normal.

What is really worrying is that a high CAC score is also a predictor of other mortality issues relating to Metabolic Syndrome type diseases!

Is this Heartwarming Heart Advice! Calcification Challenge! & Gut Caution!