Home Health & Fitness Avoid Forbidden Fasting Mistakes For Incredible Success!

Avoid Forbidden Fasting Mistakes For Incredible Success!

Avoid Forbidden Fasting Mistakes For Incredible Success!
Avoid Forbidden Fasting Mistakes For Incredible Success!
Prime objective when fasting, and that is reactivation of your Stem Cells. This is so important for those even just over 35!
And for Seniors our stem cells are really so useless. So they need that massive jolt to youthful readinessness!
Remember it is the re-feeding stage after the five day fast that is ‘optimum’. This is when a massive cellular ‘punch out’ for occurs for that multitude of suddenly active stem cells.
Further, all this costs you nothing! In fact you save on your grocery bill!

Unfortunately not everyone is a candidate for fasting, and may need careful monitoring. That is why I encourage those on medication, with eating disorders, and severely underweight to go to a clinic. True North Clinic in Northern California, is just excellent!

And there are also non candidates such as pregnant women, young children, type 1 diabetics.

But the trick is not to make most important mistake:
Main one…For instance one has to be Keto adapted!
I keep repeating that most of our North American population have never ever experienced Ketosis.
This is just an incredible issue and yet another major reason why we have rampant obesity.
The epigenetic expressions from Ketosis are really positive and something we have inherited through our DNA.  Make use of it!
Fluids important:

Not drinking enough water. What I have always recommended is to salt the water! Sounds contrarian? No I use Himalayan salts…the best!

But is a safety against electrolyte issues which manifests itself as shock,

but also provides minerals.

Water is also safeguard against constipation. First two days one should be really regular from about two to four times a day…

and continue but with less volume right up to fifth day.

Also black coffee also helps and I take at least two three cups..but often watered down! Coffee  promoting Autophagy. Means healthy self destruction of cells that may be for instance senescent.
Avoid Inactivity:
I still go to gym and just reduce tempo somewhat!
Keep walking regularly during the day.
When walking if you are in a warm climate also ground yourself..this promotes electron neutralization. Walk barefoot on the sand or grass park!

So Avoid Forbidden Fasting Mistakes for Incredible Lifetime Success!