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Greens Beans and Heart Rate

Greens Beans and Heart Rate
Greens Beans and Heart Rate

I watched Stephen Hawking last night expound on PBS his concepts of the universe. It was graphic, easily understood by those of a non-mathematical bent. But what was obvious, is his reduction of the Universe to remarkable and breathtaking mathematical formulas. A curious coincidence,  I had just received the Trinity Hall (TH) magazine with Stephen’s indelible image on its cover. He matriculated into TH (a Cambridge college) whilst I was there, and this same evening I watch this PBS program! The Universe, and its remarkable, ever accelerating and expanding nature, is all profoundly mathematical. Now to Greens Beans and Heart Rate.

I have speculated on whether we can reduce Biology to such an empirical discipline, and a total of say, some 3 billion heart beats of rationing to our animal species for a lifetime…just a blink of an eye in paleo terms, insignificant in Universe terms…is the subject of Biology & Science. But one thing is certain, that a reduced heart beat and longevity are thoroughly interlinked. Further, I think that both Greens (Nitrates) and Beans (Legumes) seem to have some DNA uplink to protect us, by actually slowing our heart rates. See article Longevity & Vegetables. To discuss Greens/Beans & Heart Rate.

Both Greens and Beans seem to (independently of athletic training) slow our heart rates. They provide all kinds of metabolic benefits in general, but through natural selection, we seem to have this DNA inherited benefit; these substances cause our heart rates to slow by as much as 3 to 5 beats per minute. This is considerable over a lifetime, and if there is any validity to the total heartbeat concept, then a serious contributor to longevity. But personally I think this is an inherited characteristic for survival of our species during lean times, and there were millenia of them. It is nature’s way of ensuring transmission of our DNA to the next generation at all costs, if necessary by slowing our metabolism from adaptation for that purpose. Our bodies are adapted to these ingredients in a positive way, and our so called modern society has obviously forgotten how consequently eat and benefit!

Beans are legumes, we should do everything we can to eat them in reasonable quantity. Greens/Beans & Heart Rate has validity. Some of us complain of resulting flatulence..the beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas can certainly, and hopefully temporarily cause gas…but studies show that sticking with it, will adapt our bodies. Otherwise charcoal is a good preventative! To continually monitor our hopefully reducing heart rate and motivate us, wear a FitBit…if you read these articles, a good FitBit, besides being a fantastic motivator, will also help you adapt, for example in sleep habits, exercising, total movement, HIIT, it goes on and on!