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Cellular Vesticles also Communicate!

Cellular Vesticles also Communicate!
Cellular Vesticles also Communicate!

Consistent theme: energy magic, as ATP, from mitochondria, and electron transport chain, with resulting Health at cellular level. Phenomenal ability to turn on systems and communicate throughout our bodies. We have added genetic advantage of thereby activating our genetic pathways inherited at great cost! Cellular Vesticles Communicate with our Liver!

Recently scientists at Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, and other locations, studied vesicles…microscopic globules within our cells..akin to mitochondria. It seems they contain ‘bits’ of cell trash biologic material. Assumption was this their task, once released into blood they actually transported for disposal.

But now it appears that vesicles also contain other positives, such as small amounts of genetic material and proteins, and that these communicate with other cells by a biologic type message system within our blood system! Cellular Vesticles Communicate with our Liver!

Has been postulated that ‘exercise‘ causes upsurge of this kind of communication, and this in turn transforms the body into ‘moving‘ mode, in that metabolic changes are messaged to allow the energy process for this movement through inter-body communications. Speculation on this subject is now basically settled with the new study. It is amazing how progressive and active Australia Down Under…with its relatively small  relative populations and research…to other jurisdictions…has been on Health, and particularly relating to Alzheimer’s tangles and plaques. The blood of exercising subjects was drawn and measured in a controlled manner and striking differences were noted before, during, at an escalated workout pace, and after completion up to four hours. Result: The some 300 types of protein containing vesicles grew more common during exercise, and largely disappeared after four hours of rest! To determine destination of activity, lab mice were employed, demonstrating that the vesicles from the runners, headed or communicated for and to the animals’ livers, directed by biological signals that were not obvious but constantly insistent. All this making sense as the liver is a stepping stone to energy. Thus the process, which no doubt developed over many eons, and through a long and life expensive trial and error evolution, is somewhat complex but effective…should we say its complicated! Cellular Vesticles Communicate with our Liver!