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Wheat and Gluten


Wheat and Gluten has changed dramatically in the last 200 years…and this now becomes a fundamental, underlying problem for us humans. We just do not seem to have the capacity to deal with the implications of what has become a transformation of our wheat plant! It is almost as if we have been hit by a dietary sledgehammer and result virtually helpless. Even changes with how gluten itself is utilized, in ‘Panification’ just add add another negative digestive layer. Slow ‘overnight’ ‘natural yeast rising’ bread, allowed yeast enzymes to neutralise indigestible glutens for the most part. Then add another processing but efficiency factor for white breads, of ‘roller milling’, then remember that for further cost effectiveness, every scrap of white flour left-over is now thrown back into this industrial mix. Consequence…a ‘rising’ bread nightmare! It’s the combination and culmination of all these factors now renders non- celiacs vulnerable. Seems to explain much of our leaky gut issues such as colitis, Crohn’s disease… Dr. David Perlmutter started ball rolling with ‘Grain Brain’. Dr. Alessio Fasano, director Center for Celiac Research, Massachusetts, view that our evolution really disallows us to deal with gluten. Seems human gut views gluten as foreign invader, and mounts immune response, in turn, this leads to an inflammatory response…and the ball rolls on….Wheat and Gluten.

Guten, from Latin, meaning glue, is just that…glue!

Protein molecules of glutenin, and gliadin, which, with water, make elastic…and found in not only wheat, but rye, barley and even oats. The pizza cooks ‘wielding’ their dough, only succeed with this glue embedded. Bluntly, this constipating lump can dramatically impede digestion…resulting in all kinds of health problems for many of us. Including bloating and gas, all embarrassing, and nutrient harmful. Relevant articles Gut Dysbiosis; and Substitute White with Brown Rice.

Difficult to find but Stone Ground breads revert us back better times. Whole Wheat is what we ate a couple hundred years ago, sadly no more…remember as a boy harvest time on my uncle’s farm, Dunley Manor, near Newbury, England…the wheat was tall, and maybe even three times size of today…a good hide for rabbits as harvester went round and round! Fight Wheat and Gluten!