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Doctors in Battle!
Doctors in Battle!

I like Dr. Greger and I am in the unique position of saying this, with an added plus that I do not sell anything…such as my own brand of pills!…and consequently understand when he rarely takes a person to task for objectivity, who has perhaps this in mind! Have a look at his recent article about Dr. Gundry and by implication the new Gundry book ‘Plant Paradox’ These are Doctors In Battle!

I have steadily steered away from supplement mania, and consequently too many supplements! It is really not necessary if one has a heavily oriented plant based diet…and this is where I ‘meet’ with Dr. Greger’s thinking. Not in the almost exclusiveness of vegetarianism of Greger’s  thinking, and will briefly comment why at the end of this article. But support him on legumes! Steven Gundry loses a lot of credibility by selling his own lectin supplements that are expensive. He has ‘knocked’ foods that contain natural lectins! Classic lectin source… from legumes…meaning beans. Now some beans, such as kidney, in the raw state, or not sufficiently cooked, are poisonous. But who eats kidney beans this way? Possible to believe that kidney beans might be cooked by, for instance, soaking them, and then not sufficiently boiling them! You do need about ten to fifteen minutes minimum…just make sure! Then they are rendered harmless and are now indeed highly nutritional and beneficial In this respect, hominoid discovery of fire way back say some half billion years…I go further back than most from study in this area…enabled huge strides with resulting chemistry of food from cooking over fire! And it did not take long for trial and error to become entrenched! Cooking Kidney beans is exactly in that category!

This would be a very recent evolutionary benefit…but useful and therefore no lectin risk! Doctors In Battle!

Primarily vegetarian diets find it to be tough compensating for the deficits of Omega 3 oil benefits. Difficult to obtain nearly enough with just vegetables. Fish, and fast swimming Alaska salmon, Anchovies and Krill provide great benefits. So flexibility, whilst Doctors In Battle!