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School Junk Food Ban…Working?


Michael MacDonald article, Vancouver Sun, end of the 2016-17 school year, published Monday June 26th. 2017…at face value seems really positive. Article fully referenced here! But what depressed me was follow up review of YouTube commentaries on school lunches, and reaction from students…mainly from the States. These comments frequently talked failure, and I will try to isolate a disastrous example of outraged students, not only refusing the food…but dumping it with contempt! So generally speaking, a common theme. Firstly…the overwhelming student population in outright open rebellion, with massive increase in trashed food the result! Consequently…School Junk Food Ban…Really Working? Besides resultant food waste, with that companion shocking environmental impact…now apparent failure, with teenage counter will mindset entrenched. This latter a particularly difficult subject with teenagers! Secondly…Listened to the ‘experts’ commentary… included nutritionists, school district representatives, and so on. Seemed to have many basics right…for instance, some understanding dangers of sugars, even fruit juice…that until recently confused and conned most health aspirants, with a misplaced positive belief!…

Realization… sodas damaging in overall general sense…. for instance setting calorie limits at 60 per bottle, and so on. (incidentally this is following governmental guidelines that beg the question as the sugars are still way in excess!). School Junk Food Ban…Really Working?

BUT a MAJOR common negative theme and omission…respecting FATS…examples: skim milk promoted, full milk castigated, negative implication butter, suggestion fats ‘generally’ bad, and should be restricted. This really reflects from outdated and slow to adjust regulatory understanding respecting fats!…MUCH more turns on this for any real, and eventual success, for school lunch programs!

This site has consistently advocated maintaining protein for growing youth, and even up to say 35. Seems change occurs then, when protein counting important. Those large steaks should be something of the past…The big problem classic…to help reduce calories the proportion of where those calories originate is important! Vital…a dramatic increase intake of good fats, with severe reduction in sugars, and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Latter respect…zero tolerance on the sodas, which are over-laced with HFCSs. These just activate hormones to an almost uncontrollable manner. So with sodas should be zero tolerance! Those Coca Cola drinks..include the diet drinks as well, must be 100% outlawed, this is the real target!