Home Health & Fitness ‘Unpopular’ Victims ‘Orthorexia Nervosa’ Essential, Not Senseless!

‘Unpopular’ Victims ‘Orthorexia Nervosa’ Essential, Not Senseless!

'Unpopular' Victims 'Orthorexia Nervosa' Essential, Not Senseless!
'Unpopular' Victims 'Orthorexia Nervosa' Essential, Not Senseless!

So happy that Dr. Michael Greger actually espousing such a great cynical video!

So true that if only we all could become somewhat ‘anorexia nervosa’:
and particularly before exposure to any interventional heart surgery. We would surely be better off!
Bypass surgery, particularly concerning. As it fundamentally so final, and irreversible!
A little different if it is a heart valve replacement. As that is of such minimal and if necessary reversible effect! And can be lifesaving as Mich Jagger right now realizing!


If we can only reduce our chances of such surgery in the first place! With the timely implementation of the kind of modalities espoused on this site! Now a significant modality is what we eat!

Let’s get that basically right! And concurrently find a natural reduction in our adipose fat! All with the adoption of other health and longevity modalities:
The avoidance of processed foods, along with avoidance of GMOs, pesticides, glyphosate, herbicides, antibiotics, and toxic minerals. Even a severe reduction of alcohol!
Use hormesis as much as possible. Including some of the following: HIIT, HIST, Limited Liquid Sunshine, Infra Red therapy, Hypoxia, Heat and Cold Shock proteins, Intermittent and Full Fasting!
Necessary minimums: minerals, vitamins, nutrients and phytonutrients, overall movement. So that they are all optimal,
Concurrently in getting our diet right! Incidentally embracing organics, and primarily a ‘plant-based diet’… Well, we are going great strides!

The irony is that Dr. Steven Bratman is the inventor coining this condition ‘anorexia nervosa’. After clearly promoting the concept, now seems to have withdrawn his adamancy! Of seeing anyone with such a disorder!

The concerns of those with ‘Orthorexia Nervosa’, far from being negatively categorized, should be thanked for their concern. Not only for themselves but others! Their grandchildren may regard them as ‘nuts’, affording little respect, because of our counter prevailing prejudices.

But in fact, they are so right, and more so that we seem to as a society possible fathom!

Let’s show, for a change, some respect to these experienced ‘seniors’, and look upon in their case: ‘Unpopular’ Victims ‘Orthorexia Nervosa’ Essential, Not Senseless! After all, they are, but belatedly, from their experience, passing on serious health advice, and also for the good of others!