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Legendary Mick Jagger’s Emergency Heart Valve Surgery

Legendary Mick Jagger's Emergency Heart Valve Surgery
Legendary Mick Jagger's Emergency Heart Valve Surgery

Mick Jagger is someone worth watching for many reasons! He is not only a living legend at 75, in fact, his birthday being July 26th. 1943, making him ironically three years the junior to me, so I pay close attention to his destiny particularly respecting his health and fitness!  He has now undergone successful Heart Aortic Valve Replacement in New York as of Friday the 5th. April 2019.

It’s interesting to note that in one single rock concert his energy output is equivalent to a twelve-mile run:
That to the almost equivalent mirror of his personal fitness regimen, AND in addition, he often lopes off for an eight-mile jaunt!
His Norwegian fitness trainer for the last 25 years, is the high powered taskmaster Norje Eike.
Accordingly, HIIT training sessions are in ‘hours’ not minutes!

I would suspect there was some calcification of the valve resulting in leakage. I also have mitral valve calcification. This is no doubt is a large contribution from past ‘insulin resistant lifestyle’.

British upbringing with a huge emphasis on dairy and carbohydrates, likely a major negative contributor to us both! Mick has drastically, but perhaps ‘overcompensated’.
This five foot ten man maintains his 28-inch waist. He weighs in at 160 pounds.
Works out three hours a day mostly and for some 25 years!
Training pushes extreme, including aerial exercises. It is Hormesis in living action!
Further his diet organic and vegetable geared with little or no alcohol and no drugs. Thanks to Jerry Hall his first model wife.
He has an almost ideal balance diet of Fats to Low Carbs and Restricted Proteins!

Personally, I believe a serious consideration today is NOT to overdo the HIIT.

I used to do this but now look at long extended exercising on a continuous basis as really potentially damaging.

One can maintain HIIT fitness, with all the benefits of the Nitric Oxide fix, with just a few minutes a day. Personally take a maximum of fifteen and a minimum of ten! Then fully utilize weights just once a week and a series of stretching and balance exercises. All that Mick needs to do is adjust and back off! He has the diet, lifestyle for fun, and minimum stress!

But added qualities for his longevity:

Ensure enough vitamin D3 and K2. and as he is fair headed say 15 minutes of real sunshine in the right latitudes, that he regularly travels to!

But trainers remind me of parade ground sergeants, sometimes workout training clearly too much, but without that overview of Cellular Health with a Biological Background.

Finally, I do not see any evidence of Mick tackling his Stem Cells for his benefit! His stem cells, like mine, tend to only multiply from one to 250 in a month! He needs a boost to dramatically wake them up! It can all be done with FASTING!

Now Legendary Mick Jagger’s Emergency Heart Valve Surgery is over, Mick read this blog! Back off that gruelling HIIT and Fast! Then we will be there at 100 and more, and predict it’s easy!