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Impressive Natural Mouthwash for Menacing Plaque!

Impressive Natural Mouthwash for Menacing Plaque!
Impressive Natural Mouthwash for Menacing Plaque!

A fantastic article and a great one for green tea. Personally for some reason allergic to green tea but that does not mean that I can use a green tea mouthwash! Dr. Greger has done his stuff again and I finish this article with his video.

I am leery of the mouth.  It is all a question of balance and lesser evils:
There is now a huge movement to extricate amalgam fillings that of course contain mercury.
Now mercury is a serious toxin, no doubt about that. But the philosophy I go by is where to concentrate on the elimination of our toxins.
The amount of seepage from masticating with amalgams is somewhat negligible if one makes some practical comparisons.
For instance, just one mercury solution in a ‘compulsory’ school vaccination, if mercury is not pre-removed or accounted for may be of an order of 800 times more in concentration!

It is certainly worth parents questioning the amount of mercury in children’s vaccines. Especially in Canada. that could remain a dumping ground for mercury solutions, as apparently we do not have the same rule protecting children as they do in the States!

This is just one problem with thimerosal the preservative for vaccinations.
It contains mercury, a chemical toxin that can cause serious harm to the body in large amounts.
Because of this, the antiseptic has been a topic of conversation among parents and those in the medical community for decades.
About half of thimerosal’s chemical make-up is ethylmercury. The chemical is even less dangerous than methylmercury, which you’ll find in fish.
Many of the dangers in mercury consumption come when the chemical builds up in the body.
While methylmercury can stay in the system for long periods of time, ethylmercury is broken down much faster.

Even despite the arguments for a lack of danger from ethylmercury, the chemical is a thing of the past for children’s vaccines in the States.

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for a full rundown of mercury levels in everything from food to pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Public Health Service decided to do away with as much mercury as possible.

This included the thimerosal, almost half of which is made of mercury. In 2001, the preservative was removed from childhood vaccines.
But, thimerosal is still used in adult vaccines. Immunizations like the annual flu shot still use the preservative on the basis of keeping the vaccines safe.
This seems somewhat of a self-contradiction to me!

But back to the subject! Impressive Natural Mouthwash for Menacing Plaque! seems to be green tea. But listen to the short dissertation!