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Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?

Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?
Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?

How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity is rapid fire excellent technical information YouTube by brilliant Dr. Rhonda Patrick (see below) but not easily digestible! Find Dr. Patrick fascinating, clearly way way ahead pack! She packs in huge amount information over very short explanation span. Perhaps a lay assessment helpful and somewhat bottom lining! Her YouTube easily paired with another of Rhonda’s titled Positive effects of GH and IGF or the Hyperthermic Conditioning for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis. In other words GH and IGF means anabolism…lay terms: increasing lean muscle and reducing andipose tissue (fat!). Also: improved verbal memory and neurogenesis! ..both referenced in this article Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?

Seems dichotomy: normally generation of Human Growth Hormone means in the world of mice a reduction in Longevity…ironically we produce growth hormones when exercising…HIIT…which we think is good for us! key here not to overuse this…but this digression for another article! BUT there may be a compensatory process to offset the implications of reduction in longevity in mice caused from HGH and IGF… here we are trying to avoid the parallel result for humans! One example is from Sauna use…but utilized properly!…seems ameliorating effect…in fact testing on animals seems even to promote longevity due to Heat Shock Proteins almost miraculous effects!

Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) implement genetic pathways, particularly FOX03…this seems to be a master regulator that turns on many positive genetic expressions dealing with age. Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?

Means: repair of DNA damage that is not processed properly by our own built in cellular garbage processing department…example: senescent cells …effected by switching on autophagy cellular switch! This effectively wipes out the senescent cell sitting in limbo. As we age we seem to lose this important ability. This is an Aging Factor BUT also applicable to most AutoImmune Disease. Examples insulin resistance from diabetes. Rhonda points out HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) are unique…the Hormesis effect runs counter to longevity reduction. WOW!…FURTHER animal experiments shows actual increase longevity from this Hormesis. This is a fantastic counter for the negatives of HIIT and HIST…Get to the sauna as much as possiblealso any other hormesis event should work similarly..example good diet stimulating hormesis usually from the vegetable world with appropriate phytonutrients and antioxidants! ALSO there are other fantastic hormesis opportunities: Fasting as expunged by Valter Longo…just undergo this factor two or three times a year even!.AND…Stem cell therapy but used properly…. may also be very effective..meaning ground 0 time cells! also echoed in the theory behind Valter Longo Longevity Clinic Southern California! Sauna & Heat Shock Proteins Incredible?