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Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D

Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D
Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D

We who live in Northern Climes...talking all the cities and towns of Canada, and a host of cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, in the United States.…DO not get enough sunlight throughout the year to manufacture enough Essential Vitamin D naturally! Only geographical location to obtain this ‘Sunlight Vitamin D’ is the Tropics or Sub Tropics! In fact even Miami has ten times less effective sun for vitamin D during the winter!..and am talking vitamin D3...take note Doctors!

One exception, if you are in a Northern Clime with sunshine, is to absorb the vitamin D high up in the mountains as you can! This kind of Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D! The UVB rays have less trouble penetrating that higher atmosphere.

A thought for Winter Whistler...it is only about 7500 feet…this could be half the calculated optimum, but we run into oxygen problems at 15000 feet, at this level a true Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D but you can hyperventilate!

Try Whistler mountain peak, out on a deck…BUT you have to really sun tan…not leave that ski suit or snow board suit on! Perhaps it is a better Spring time event, and the same holds true for Switzerland and Austria! A Mountain Challenge Kick Starts Essential Vitamin D.

Our foods are largely bereft of this essential Vitamin. Born out by the fact that 90% of North Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. and this contributes to a host of Metabolic Syndrome type issues. We can get seriously ill because of this deficiency. It may not be the hated rickets…that was the manifested complaint early in the last century. As a child in World War 2, British children were prescribed sun ray lamps, not only to avoid rickets but generally for a variety of complaints. Strangely they were not far off the score! Sun ray lamps though are too risky from over use and skin cancer. Yet the conundrum… avoidance of cancers require in part Vitamin D.

Where does this come from?..The noonday sun! But not more than say 20 minutes unless you are dark skinned! Light skins may well be an adaptation to Northern Latitudes in order to absorb enough vitamin D. It is a true irony that cases of rickets in Britain is now on the rise…the reason…or course a Northern latitude to start with. So winter time is useless for grabbing that quick vitamin D exposure! But also because of the change in ethnic mix…there are many more darker skin persons in the UK. Darker skins are protective to the ultra violet B or UVB rays…this makes sense as darker skins were primarily in extremely sunny latitudes, and needed protection from the sun! Consequently they need more exposure, maybe as much as ten times more!..to utilize this naturally available vitamin expose as much surface area as possible and just the right amount of about only 20 minutes…talking white skin. But make it noon time as that allows for the maximum effect. One good piece of news is that you can test your Vitamin D levels!

Researchers now realize that vitamin D affects virtually every cell and tissue, by turning on numerous vitamin D receptors located throughout our body and almost 3,000 genes. Excellent idea is to supplement on a continuous basis if one lives in a Northern Clime, whether the sun comes out or not! Our cells desperately need vitamin D to unlock our genetic blueprints! Otherwise, and many doctors are blind to the causation, our health is particularly at risk. Thanks to Dr. Mercola the following is the start of what could be a growing list of resultant medical issues:

 Maintenance of overall health*  Cellular growth and development*
 Bone strength and health*  Blood sugar health*
 Digestion and absorption of nutrients*  Blood pressure health*
 Heart health*  Vascular system health*
 Immune function*  Joint health*
 Mood and overall feelings of well-being*  Neurological and cognitive health*
 Muscular function*  Skin health*
 Pancreatic function and health*  Healthy aging process*
 Sleep patterns*  Hearing and vision*
 Reproductive health*  Newborn health*
 Athletic performance*  Respiratory function and health*
 Carbohydrate and fat metabolism*  Metabolic rate*
 Weight management*  Hair and hair follicles*

Our malaise is also from our way of life. We spend so much time indoors for work…plus children and teens now spend an inordinate amount of time playing games and fixated on social media. But being an older person also an impediment..their skins start to produce less vitamin D when exposed to sunlight..and remember that sunscreen may be the exact impediment for absorbing those UVB rays…Also Obese or Heavily muscled persons may absorb that Fat soluble Vitamin D and therefore require more! Pregnant persons also need more! Two people!