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Fantastic Fruit Blunts Sugar Damage!

Fantastic Fruit Blunts Sugar Damage!
Fantastic Fruit Blunts Sugar Damage!

I have consistently written that our ultimate paleolithic origin and lineage is that of a FRUIT eater. Now subjected to a torrent of encouragement that we should be PLANT based eaters. We do not hear much about fruit! And incidentally, FRUIT has serious merit if only because our forebears dwelt in trees and able to pick fruit that was handy!

The fixation now usually is how much PLANT based food, in contradistinction, NOT to FRUIT, but often by way of example, to how damaging in ratio to meats. Now:

Let us get rid of the order of meats then finish with a “coup d’etat” from Dr. Greger relating to fruit! See his Youtube at the bottom of this article!

Then my order of meats: organic is a prime overlading first condition! A lot of problems solved this way!

Then beef a top number one culprit, and then a descending order of preferences.

Personally avoid pork as for some reason I relate to a parasite issue. This undoubtedly is a historical religious association in the Jewish religion.

I am partial to turkey and chicken so long as they are truly organic. Have a favorite with lamb as it is a British meal.

BUT lamb must be cooked, not the American way of rare! Again it is the heritage of parasites and they can travel within us! Historically there were so many problems in England with sheep in moist fields.

But Greger will have you avoid meats to an extreme! I do not go that far. All this for other articles!

Back to the main theme of this article! It is simply how to simply blunt the glycemic spike but also mainly the glycemic low or hypoglycemia! But also, particularly those of us with high CAC scores to improve our endothelial function and to actually contribute to clearing plaque!

My comment to avoid ‘white’ such as sugars and even dairy as much as possible also has merit.

But what if we relapse and just know that we will endure a glycemic spike!

This may be resulting from bread and it need not just be white! or pastry with an otherwise great meal.

Or for example pancakes at that Dutch breakfast tempting restaurant. Then besides a tendency to plant-based contents or even mushrooms. BUT also on top of the pancake ADD some fruit. The symbiosis of fruit helps!

As Greger suggests blueberries, if they have it, is a great draw. One’s instincts might react negatively because it is more sugar!

No, the result prevents that hypoglycemic result after the blood sugar spikes then really drops off.

It’s a great compromise and in fact, seems to solve the problem! So merit to comment: Fantastic Fruit Blunts Sugar Damage!