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Secret Good Bad Ketosis Unbelievable!

Good Bad Ketosis
Good Bad Ketosis

Lecture given by Dr. Ron Rosedale at Vail February 2016, discusses Good Bad Ketosis.  Further, respecting not only aging, but brain health. Fundamentally relating to our Paleolithic heritage. Result is that personally use for first principles health.

Its survival of species!
An elemental understanding inherent conflict throughout our DNA history…drive to live just long enough pass on our genes next generation. After that, in a survival sense temporal job done!
The consequences longevity from that point on, immaterial! Conundrum of aging! Lecture hits one key point…’fulcrum’ to longevity, survival, metabolic syndrome diseases, and for this BLOG brain health.
Key is somehow trick our inherent metabolic processes into a ‘pre’…survival condition, by sensing environmental impacts triggered by physical activity and diet.
Resulting message ‘sufficient’ survival for genetic reproduction. Paleolithic sense we consequently delay becoming fodder for demise as of no further consequence!
In summary, it is the ‘trigger’ mechanism that we must invoke to continually ‘upregulate’ genetic expression’. This will help maintenance and repair in our bodies.

Ketosis must equate for fat burn in a positive sense. Ketogenic diets may be high fat, but consumption of too much protein may turn the Ketosis into a ‘High-Protein’ metabolism . This is not what we really want!

Atkins, who promoted high protein/low carb diets on right track…really a crusader/bridge to our present comprehension!  It’s burning of fat ‘simpliciter’ that produces METABOLIC BENEFIT…result ‘good’ Ketones that help with longevity BUT ALSO paramount good brain health…now very much part of longevity.

David Perlmutter
Present numbers…at 85 years age there is a 50% chance of Alzheimer’s!! David Perlmutter, whom I admire for crusading best selling books, now produced new one…The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan…recommend!
This man lost his Dad to Altzheimers…key of course to hit and finetune many Metabolic Syndrome triggers…he discusses some 36!! specifically to fight Dementia…but Ketosis PRIME and intregal.

I believe we must vary our fiber carbohydrates dramatically upwards intermittently. But importantly not just keep rigidly to steady partial daily ketosis.

With really restricted carbs…practically means increasing vegetable carbs upwards time to time! Not difficult! Agree with Dr. Joseph Mercola…new book about to come out…Fat For Fuel…covers just this point. Well worth a read!