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Optimists Survive!


Recently I caught the news and saw Jane Fonda discussing the Alberta Oil Sands. It does not take much imagination to understand her abject horror in terms of climate change, and this world’s hope for the future. She has received a lot of negatives from Canada, and her criticism of Trudeau who has politically compromised in the hope that a Southern Route is the least environmentally harmful and is reliant upon a serious clean up of the tar sands that in reality is the only solution! Depreciation of the Canadian $ coupled with Iranian self interest will eventually override that negative Vancouver Mayor and Green opportunist. The issue is Native! Then the penny dropped. There is Jane Fonda an eternally youthful icon…loved and hated…remember the photo in Hanoi!…but her lifestyle of fitness, health, exercise eliminating the negatives BUT in reality with an overriding POSITIVE outlook. She is an optimist! She understands that First Nations have so much to contribute! They are synonymous with the earth. She is optimistic that doing something now about Climate Change IS a real positive. Optimists Survive!

Being Happy is a huge gift, and if we can minimize the negatives…often this is difficult! lawsuits, bureaucracy, relationships, children, job, tax, money, may override! Happiness is probably THE factor for longevity..See article on Marchand the 105 year old cyclist, and world record holder! He was content with his lot!

Optimism has a direct relationship on mortality as there is a connection to our biological systems..it’s a positive avoidance of inflammation and thus mitochondrial health! Optimists Survive!

Area known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) believes that our brain and immune system are interconnected…remember we have two brains (our microbiome that is also closely crossed over with our brain!) But I come back to Marchand…he lives on 1000 US a month, and has that uncanny acceptance…He is not always looking around the corner! Be aware of the world..of the importance of relationships, and friends…of exercise and diet, see on this WEB ‘Broken Heart Killer‘! Keep an open, alert and optimistic mind, and continuously try new frontiers! Optimists Survive!