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Millennials Healthy?


This quick video of Millennials lining up outside an Adidas shoes store outlet is interesting socially, BUT inadvertently healthwise worthy of comment! Because of the unique social mix in Vancouver..these particular Millennials… no trouble walking into the main Adidas outlet and paying for the product… but in our consumer society, new Adidas products cannot satisfy the demand, however expensive they are. We are conditioned to upgrade and get with it with our clothing & shoe ware. My daughter goes to a school where students… mainly the really wealthy mainland Chinese… literally wear and frequently upgrade $1300 shoes. There is a cache to actually being even marginally ahead by a few days, by wearing the latest that has just come out; and that is what all this is about! BUT Millennials Healthy?

An overt avoidance and fear of the camera, to strangers. No fear within their own network, which is internet related!…no shortage of expensive equipment to handle the overnight “camp out”… every one in the lineup had communication devices…and these were in full and constant use. What is relevant commentary for this WEB?

This group is without exception, networking on social media… they are incessantly on their devices. Millennials Healthy?

This applies in school, to the chagrin of more traditional teachers! It means unless really motivated, they are naturally stationary for hours at a time. In school some luck, in that the system forces movement from classroom to classroom, reluctantly actually attend the gym. Athletic pursuits not particularly a priority! Late nights norm. Particularly with certain minority groups with family connections to other countries in Asia, that are on differing time zones. BUT… also bilingual beneficial brain development a natural! Food almost by default… usually means fast food… net carbs, sugars added, salt. The span of actually eating can literally be waking hours! Snacking endemic…no “Peak Fasting!” These brilliant communicators… and they are instinctive when it comes to the net… fail miserably in the health department. With perhaps one real exception… They seem optimistic and perhaps stress free with distraction…otherwise candidates for Metabolic Syndrome disease..which includes heart (number one killer in North America) and diabetes, with real risk at Mitochondrial level, meaning, ultimately, a propensity to Cancer. Millennials Healthy?


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