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Medicine Causes Death!


Right after Heart Disease and Cancer….Medical Care!! Third cause of death in North America…. Ridiculous? Numbers may be worse, because there are a slew of medical issues, such as side effects from drugs, that may have been quite unnecessary in the first place…for instance: Statins in Cardiology! Medicine Causes Death!

Mistake of the wrong medicine, errors in hospitals. dangerous in all respects!! Add hospital acquired infections! Medicine Causes Death!

Then the WHY. Doctors,,,2/3..notorious for not washing hands…somehow. perhaps, their training excuses them intellectually! Healthcare workers come out better with a 50% performance in one study! Next, emergency or operating room actually generates fatal infections…just being there is dangerous. We have the  super-bug..this is now endemic to hospitals…will produce deaths because of the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. If your children do not have natural resistance that visit to see Aunt Agatha may now be fatal! Nonfatal catastrophies? Wrong limbs, organs, areas operated or even amputated! Devastating side effects from prescriptions, these drive more unwanted hospital visits, and even deaths before arrival! Medicine Causes Death!

If we are conservative, the Medicine be classified as the third leading cause of death in our society!! Many of those killed are in the first two categories…that is the point. If preventative medicine was a real subject, those heart patients would not be there. Solution…get the message out..this WEB may one answer. Medicine is not longer the ‘pedestal’ incomprehensible jargon that protected inquiry. Medicine Causes Death!