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Robert… decades of multi skilled experience!..education England… originally…fortuitously biological, evolutionary, botanical…’read’ medicine Cambridge…switched from anatomy to law! Then ‘Wigs’…England & Wales, courts…Canada. Passion…Health…Motivation? ‘Medically’ doomed and deemed ‘incurable rheumatoid arthritis’ teens and early twenties. Fought, and conquered this sentence. Then reaction instinctive: groping for ‘healthy lifestyle’. Mainstream medicine weak, prescription drug obsessed, and remains more vulnerable, consequently more damaging! A original Metabolic Syndrome and Autoimmune fight in today’s terms! Jettisoned steroids then! Retrospectively fortunate. Embraced EXERCISE. Commando reality and benefit strenuous training, fitness, continuous movement, outdoors…today’s health language! Harley Street puzzled! Court lawyer…Queen’s counsel…businessman, traveler, culture tuned and savvy, instinct for survival.

Inductive sense for opportunity, adaption, change, and open mindset!…and questioning established routines, particularly health, medicine, nutrition, foods, agriculture, and misleading and self serving bureaucracies & research, and reality of our poisoned environments and how to minimize devastating impact.

Fought…principle, reputation…empathy for others…understanding mounting severe health risks and crisis. Shocked world obesity …and devastating repercussions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s, convinced soon end of Health Care as we understand. Focus Stress management….underlying insidious health hazard affecting all, and really hurting Seniors.

Follows rigorous, disciplined, personal routine…underscores and unlocks secrets LONGEVITY…magic of human evolutionary origins, need to ‘unlock’ positive DNA expressions…and even our non-human DNA…we have a lot of it!..but devastatingly we all fail to even begin to understand. Underscores importance, diet for health. His case, the further dimension of today’s teens, pressures, risks, drugs, addiction. Concurrently, the reality dimension of work, and plight of many, particularly of seniors, in an ever aging population. This…YOUNGER HEALTHIER, forceful, needed message.