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Alluring Lectins, Meat, & Longevity-Health!

Alluring Lectins, Meat, & Longevity-Health!
Alluring Lectins, Meat, & Longevity-Health!

‘Digesting’ Steven Gundry’s book, and ‘in-depth’ concept of Lectins a ‘paradox?!’ Following continual reflection of his ‘strictures’ forces inductive thinking AND ‘out of the box’!

Now severely modifying and adapting this view! Also, I believe Dr. Joseph Mecola similarly.

The basic Lectin premise:
That plants being sessile, certainly do not want to be eaten, and have sophisticated defence mechanisms, the successful deployment of which plant proteins render Humans vulnerable.
In extreme cases death but short of that varying to nil %! Diet, Health and Cellular Health, largely through some form of fasting, difficult to understand anyway.
Most doctors completely misunderstand. It is really not a  discipline that is taught and it’s usually a moving target!
It is a balancing act of lifestyle modalities with an understanding of what and when to eat as well as critical discernment!.
My own personal belief is that: hormesis, in Friedrich Nietzsche vernacular, meaning ‘that which does not kill us makes us stronger’, is the key to natural health.

Applying Gundry Lectin focused concept:

so long as we ‘manage’ lectins to various degrees then a positive side!
The ‘uplink’ favourable genetic expressions are the resultant positives!?
some lectins, depending on who we are, can truly play havoc for example with our intestinal wall.
these by way of example, we must avoid usually to repair and protect that only one cell transition gateway so easily overwhelmed.
But a clue thanks to Gundry:
Many 95 or older still in excellent health have low IGF-1 levels between 70 and 80.
Restricting animal protein consistently lowers IGF-1 levels to a significant degree. This singularly may be the most significant contributor.
This fits in with the consistent message from Dr. Michael Gregor analysis.
that time and again the avoidance of meats particularly beef to which we have an allergy is paramount.

IGF-1 activates the mTOR pathway, inhibiting autophagy, the elimination and repair of damaged subcellular parts. For example our Mitochondria. Keeping IGF-1 low allows proper cycling with the initiation of autophagy.

Metabolic inflexibility, as Mercola points out, inhibits autophagy. This I believe is paramount for optimal health and longevity. A ketogenic diet and cyclical fasting are both effective ways to regain that metabolic flexibility by interchanging between cellular combustion of both sugar and fat for fuel! I agree!

However, Mercola resistance to some meat issues.
Here I support Grundy in that having worked at Loma Linda and Seventh Day Adventists he recognizes the fine distinction between Blue Zone longevities noticeable in those non-meat eating Adventists!
This Gundry uniquely experienced!
I believe Beef almost Lectin analogy.
in that Humans essentially carry allergy gene.
Thus pecking order of truly Organic meats!
Similarly Dairy and Wheat is analogous to Lectins!
But a percentage of humans can handle!

The conclusion is that Intermittent Type Fasting and Autophagy are excellent intervenors for Mitochondrial Health.

I personally do not think we are natural carnivores BUT sporadic consumption likely unharmful and even beneficial so long as other modalities existent!! It’s the Lectin analogy!!

The real problem to my mind:
major modality of Fasting, in all its forms, is lost,
consequentially metabolic flexibility of ketone metabolism lost
and this is where Gundry, Mecola and my humble self would be in unison!

In this conundrum lies secret for real longevity! Alluring Lectins, Meat, & Longevity-Health!