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Shocking! Lipoprotein (a) Inherited For Heart Health!

Shocking! Lipoprotein (a) Inherited For Heart Health!
Shocking! Lipoprotein (a) Inherited For Heart Health!

I have a disastrous family heart history. So I spend a huge amount of time compensating proactively. My high CAC score (Calcification) HAS TO BE FOUGHT! BUT I have found out along the way one positive piece of information. My Lipoprotein-little-a. Or Lipoprotein (a) or Lp (a) genetically to be relatively low.

I also found out this quality, and I bet only a fraction of general practitioners know this…is really GENETIC.

This Lipoprotein test of course coupled with LDL cholesterol used generally as a marker for risk of Heart Attacks or Strokes.

To explain: LDL cholesterol is the medical BAD CHOLESTEROL.  Now much debate concerning this traditional marker.

BUT Normal values for the Lp (a) test are less than 30 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). If your results are greater than the 30 mg/dL threshold, this may indicate an aggravated increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, or stroke.

In my case the Lp (a) is low! For once my genetics lucky!

This means in lay terms I have a relatively small number of little as compared to the larger LDL particles. Often this is pictured as a comparison of Large fluffy particles compared to those accompanying little particles.

Now I had no idea that once you take this test, there is NO POINT IN TAKING IT AGAIN. It is an inheritance factor, and runs with our genes!

Thanks to Dr. Sinclair I would have gone on and on testing! Even my GP who ordered the test also repeatedly ordered one for himself out of curiosity.

Mine was very low and his unfortunately astronomically high! AND each time. It is inherited!

Now he was already taking statins in high dosage! But what happens is we get into a kind of medical testing joust.

He orders the test again for both of us! His remains high and mine low. He did not have to bother.

The point is, and FEW REALIZE it is genetically low and there is no point in retesting!

He has a High CAC score and I have a high CAC score. I may have a better chance of fighting Calcification because at least in this department I have a positive picture.

But already my mitral valve has a slight backwash. However, if the rate of deterioration can be slowed right down then by the time it is critical to replace the valve the procedures should be fast, risk-free, and non-invasive! Hopefully!

In fact, before that date, the total calcification picture might be able to be dealt with even mechanically or cellularly to eliminate the risk of plaque break off or impact of a cerebral aneurysm caused by a stroke.

This proactive approach inevitably leads to consultation with cardiovascular specialists. The key here is to optimize one’s chance of survival for as long as possible.

I am of the generation of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

I have had tremendous admiration for Jagger who actually is essentially abstemious to drugs and alcohol. And for many decades!

He is also an intense exercise advocate. This is perhaps an example of excessive exercise.

Putting one out of balance respecting Health and Longevity Proteins in the right proportion!

His trainer from Scandinavia, in my opinion, is making the mistake of countless trainers.

But with his client Mick he at least has a client who naturally now is eating well and enjoys the calm of security from wealth!

However Mick had to be operated on at the Mayo Clinic recently for the replacement of his Aortic Valve.

Had no concept of how far down the heart risk and stroke track he had gone thus requiring the life-threatening surgery. Shocking! Lipoprotein (a) Inherited For Heart Health!