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Assault Agonizing Arthritis, Awesome & ‘Avoid’ Foods!

Assault Agonizing Arthritis, Awesome & 'Avoid' Foods!
Assault Agonizing Arthritis, Awesome & 'Avoid' Foods!

Arthritis, be it Rheumatoid or Osteo, is agonizing and painful. It is a Metabolic Syndrome Autoimmune Disease. We attack ourselves to fight inflammation but continue to do so!

Here we concentrate on foods and couple that with other excellent modalities all propounded on this site!

Our heritage may not have even seen this type of autoimmune disease. The examination of skeletal remains going back a long way shows little evidence of joint disease.

Our ancestors were primarily plant-eating. Plus their way of life would have contributed to the genetic expression that gave them all kinds of other fighting tools.

Their life expectancy was probably about 25 years, and skeletal evidence may not be comprehensive enough for a broad cross-section.

But personally was afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis in late teens and fought hard for a decade conquer. The solution in some respects came from Dietary adjustment.

Research out of Harvard seems to corroborate the list below for fighting Arthritis and even reversing it!

Summary of foods should eat and those to avoid.

Good foods:

Broccoli. and I particularly like Broccoli Sprouts! See video below! Belonging to the Sulphoraphane family that includes Cauliflower. The benefits are fantastic raw!

Olive Oil. I consider a good oil, but do not cook with it!

Blueberries. A fruit that I often use as a dessert, contains many antioxidants.

Nuts. These generally fantastic and have excellent oils. I use a handful a day.

Tart Cherries. These are rich in anthocyanins and reputed to be specifically effective against Arthritis.

Kelp. A complex carbohydrate. Rich in antioxidants, including carotenoids, flavonoids, and alkaloids, which help to fight against disease-causing free radicals.

Fermented foods. Including

      1. Sauerkraut.
      2. Kimchi. …
      3. Kefir. …
      4. Kombucha. …
      5. Miso. …
      6. Tempeh. …
      7. Yogurt. But be careful of sugar content

Papaya. Very healthy and includes: protection from arthritis and its antioxidants also help with Cholesterol build up in arteries

Fish. This is non-plant but fast-swimming fish are rich in Omega 3. Of which we get too little.

Foods to minimize:

Those bagels, muffins and pasta. They are full of complex carbs that will turn into sugar!

French Fries and Processed Foods. Cut back on Soy products and similarly with Beans. Baked beans my favorite though! But really avoid charred BBQ foods.

The nightshade family. Personally eat some but limit the number of Tomatoes and Potatoes.

And lastly Sugar! High fructose Corn syrup HFCS a product generated from the Nixon Era is in most processed foods. But avoid Sodas and also the Diet Sodas as particularly bad! So…Assault Agonizing Arthritis, Awesome & ‘Avoid’ Foods!