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Top Religion For Fasting Health?

Islam - Top Religion For Fasting Health?
Islam - Top Religion For Fasting Health?
Top Religion For Fasting Health is the Muslim Region! Today I had coffee with a Muslim friend and an Ismail-i. Result: that Muslims during religious fasting are really only world group to gain significant health advantage! Significant population of Ismail-is in West Vancouver. This resulting from Idi Amin President of Uganda (1971 to 1979) persecution.
Health Advantage of Muslims Worldwide:
Ramadan, is Fasting ninth month of Islamic calendar. Taken seriously as of Five Pillars of Islam.
Thirty days is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours, from dawn to sunset.
This means no food for approximately 15 hours. But in reality it is more like 20 hours! It all depends on that early morning breakfast that really should be effectively nothing.
But if we even take 15 hours as the food absence, this is significant Ketosis. Means fat burning time after about twelve hours!
It also conditions Muslims wordwide to the metabolic experience of Ketosis.  This almost absolutely absent in North Americans. Unless of course they happen to be Muslim!
Contrast to Other Religions:
Contrast this to Lent for Christians including Orthodox with it’s slight variations.Then with other religions.  All of which have particular rules respecting types of meat and fish. The Jewish faith also fasts. Also assists health with it’s avoidance of Pork, which besides being a meat, is potentially full of parasites,
But the fast lasts from sunset to darkness the following night! And there are two Jewish fast days. So during that fasting we see some 24 hours, a definite Ketosis. Moreover effective twice a year. Not a lot, but drives a metabolic experience! No wonder the Yom Kippur greeting of “Have an easy Fast!”
Hinduism also recognizes some optional fasting It stipulates one meal a day with a good vegetarian content which would also lead to Ketosis if undertaken.
Sikhism probably only major religion that does not promote fasting!
Buddhists monks and nuns usually themselves do not eat after the noon meal, to assist in meditation and good health. That is a ‘thumbs up’ from me! But their followers usually only during a retreat of meditation.

So who are the losers? Well decidedly the non religious! And the winners seem to be Muslims hands down. This is because Fasting is not compromised, it is universal both to religious leaders and their followers.

It is also because the amount of fasting is significant. For over this number of days effective health wise.

Personally am wary of continual Ketosis that exceeds some thirteen hours. As health wise some variation of say from 18 hours to 13 here and there is good, as a prevention of problems metabolically. For instance gall stones!

Now swing to North America and just look at the numbers of Obese. The absolute assurance that these unfortunate persons have probably never even experienced Ketosis! A serious negative Health factor among many!

That is sad!