Home Health & Fitness Are Doctors Surefire Patient Health Solution?

Are Doctors Surefire Patient Health Solution?

Are Doctors Surefire Patient Health Solution?

Are Doctors surefire Patient Health Solution!

Patient Health and Longevity Solution sensible Medical Advice!

Meaning Life Style changes, IF delivered with the authority of General Practitioners are effective!

To explain, it’s the authority that counts! Unfortunately Physicians just do not take the time, and often do not have the training to deliver.

Yet lifestyle intervention invariably will out run other medication or intervention! Really Doctors must get to it with their patients early! Prevention is a fantastic prescription! Also because prevention is really effective today if combined with incredible and available and fast tests and lab work!

Dr. Neal Barnard in the Ethics Journal of the American Medical Association, says that useful lessons come from that war on tobacco. As the connection to lung cancer more overwhelming, doctors no longer say:

‘Give your throat a vacation by smoking a fresh cigarette’!

Doctors sudden transition from by-standers to leading fight against smoking.

Today Plant Based Diets Nutritional Equivalent of Non Smoking!
Unfortunately as confirmed in video below, most doctors are nutritionally hopeless.
Often physicians know nothing about how to use food as a medicine!
Most would look at you as crazy if you started to talk Fasting!
Many would think that advocating a largely vegetarian diet is somewhat extreme!
Nearly all of them probably eat far too much meat, and the wrong kind.
A large percentage of Doctors regard the Organic movement somewhat as a craze!
As a result Many still are unfit and somewhat Obese!
Physician advice matters:
for instance when patients are told by doctors to improve their diets, by  cutting down on meat, dairy, and fried foods, patients are responsive.
They react even more if the doctors practice what they preach. This is well brought out in the video with the bike helmet and apple visible on the desk!
The Emory researchers really confirmed this!

So as Dr. Michael Greger states:

physicians who walk the walk are credible and motivation in fact!

As a result surely better doctors?

In trial called Promoting Health by Self-Experience, found that this cascaded to the patients benefit!

But the best kept secret in medicine?
Our body under right conditions Heals Itself!
Example that treating heart and vascular disease with dietary changes is good medicine and reduces mortality’
Further reduces death without side effects! This in contrast to Sta-tins for example!