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Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!

Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!
Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!

Hats off to Dr. Joseph Mercola…indefatigable energy and great advocacy Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!..is just one example! Legions of reasons why North American way of life, we are so busy exporting to world…disastrous…BUT one positive, not possible several generations ago…we now have available, thanks to the miracle of fast transportation, almost any item for great prices! Area for particular positives…availability of antioxidants, spices, and products…taken right proportions and mix, can dramatically improve our health. We also have access to painstakingly research, I put Dr. Mercola into the ‘excellent’ category, and also two of his products I want to share! Berberine I recommend getting from him for obvious reasons…and the price is within range! and in another Blog I will discuss his Apple Cider Vinegar…that once again he provides a perfect shortcut, and clear explanation as to its Mitochondrial benefits!

Mitochondrial Health intimately associated with speed of Aging! Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!

Mercola points out healthy mitochondria essential health and produce 95% of the body’s energy in form of ATP…are responsible for necessary apoptosis…programmed cell death. Mitochondria provide important signalling molecules for gene expression that most of us fail to take advantage, but have DNA capacity, thanks to eons of survival against all odds! Frankly longevity seems intimately involved with Mitochondrial Health! Mitochondria have OWN DNA and some cells can contain 2500 mitochondria..this secret of their ability to replicate, which is exactly what we want!

But we also want to limit Mitochondrial from free radicals and oxidative stress, all of which they are in midst…its enabling their recovery and walking that tightrope of balance. This blog discusses many approaches, but nutrients also help…Ubiquinol, Magnesium, Animal based omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins required as coenzymes, and Berberine that supports mitochondrial health by activating AMPK which in turn regulates energy homeostasis, and PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone). All helps protect mitochondria from oxidative damge and stimulates growth of new mitochondria. Best source for last two I suggest Dr. Mercola himself and personally i order my Berberine from him! Berberine & Micro PQQ Mitochondrial Boost!