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President AHA Heart Attack, Why?


John Warner, at only 52 years of age, cardiologist and President of the American Heart Association… family history, recently, sadly, very publicly, suffered a heart attack at a health conference. President AHA Heart Attack! Why? As a single indicator, they still recommend margarine… let’s look at that.

Francis Bacon: 400 years ago:’…human understanding, once it has adopted opinions…draws everything else to support and agree with them. And though it may meet a greater number and weight of contrary instances, it will, with great and harmful prejudice, ignore or condemn or exclude them by introducing some distinction, in order that the authority of those earlier assumptions may remain intact and unharmed.’ Novum Organum 1620… Now parallel bureaucratic AHA trap!

Gary Taubes irony: Latest Presidential Advisory on saturated fat is the AHA’s expert authorities…what Inspector Renaud, in Casablanca, would have called “the usual suspects” – reiterating that they were right fifty years ago, and they were right 20 years ago, and they’re still right. And the techniques they used to come to those conclusions can be used again and again until someone stops them. Which is unlikely to happen.

Dr. William Davis, perceptively…if you ignore..nonsense..AHA policy… you can absolutely gain control over cardiovascular risk!….President AHA Heart Attack! Why?

Davis:…articulating some of these thoughts in an open letter to Dr.Warner as he recovers from his procedure:’…Dr. Warner..there are a number of reasons why someone like you-deeply entrenched in the conventional world of heart disease management and what passes for prevention highlights the miserable failure that the modern coronary care paradigm represents: 1. We are trapped by the outdated but profitable lipid hypothesis…2 We know from abundant data that small oxidation -and glycation-prone LDL paricles are highly atherogenic..are potent triggers of the inflammation cascade..and are triggered to abundant degrees in some genotypes upon consumption of the amylopectin A of grains…yes, the food that the American Heart Association advises to fill the diet with-and sugars…I am hoping that, now that this disease has touched you personally, your eyes will be opened to the corrupt and absurd policies of conventional coronary care and the American Heart Association.’President AHA Heart Attack! Why?