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Longevity, Go Brady Go!


Tom Brady is now unarguably, the greatest NFL quarter-back of all time. He is incredibly fit, ‘ageless’, with superb athletic prowess, mental determination, focus and leadership… steered his team to an incredible ‘comeback’ over the Atlanta Falcons. Brady is endowed with natural advantages…height, speed, eyesight, co-ordination, judgement, intelligence, concentration…all the apparent qualities of youthful longevity. Results…resilience, the ability to withstand severe bodily ‘hits’ at his age, and keep getting up! Longevity, Go Brady Go!

An insight into his private regimen for longevity in this tough sport… at 39 he and supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen, ascribe much to a predominantly alkaline diet. Plus an aversion (that from my European background with German naturopaths) I describe as ‘Nachtschatten Planzaen’ or ‘Nightshade Plants’. In my twenties, fighting rheumatoid arthritis, firsthand experience to my thinking here. The nightshades I question, as this food group does provide rich nutrients that perhaps assist an anti-inflammatory mitochondrial benefit long-term! BUT this and pH concepts really subordinate to other really basic health overrides in Brady’s family… an avoidance of white sugar, HFCS…high fructose corn syrup, through the avoidance of processed foods and sodas. An aversion to white flour, most fruits which lowers natural fructose, caffeine, MSG, iodized salt and dairy. The pH thinking… I sense that our bodies can self regulate pH! Paleolithic thinking… most healthful waters forebears exposed to… mountain springs… slightly acidic! structured… dynamic water… about 6.5… which provides one end of pH spectrum of 6 to 8. Brady’s passion for whole foods, vegetables, may itself provide an alkaline tendency… results of green vegetables. Processed foods, aside from toxin risk, tend towards low grade acidosis.

Factors avoided with Brady and his hunter gatherer diet, rich in plant foods…and organic, all contributing to homeostasis, or natural balance and Longevity, Go Brady Go!

My view is that his main priorities are right on target… Brady seems to have that down pat with his low sugar and low fructose. First, all HFCS…the deadly sugar additives to processed foods and sodas, his reduced fructose from natural fruits! Couple white flour avoidance…that leads to MAJOR longevity and health..add a training program bar none… HIIT… weights… movement, a supportive and endearing family… great handling of stress, negating longevity killer…he confronts stress on the field and off…conquering it…Longevity, Go Brady Go!