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Powerful Stem Cells, Savvy Top Athletes Relief!

Powerful Stem Cells, Savvy Top Athletes Relief!
Powerful Stem Cells, Savvy Top Athletes Relief!
I am ‘high’ on Stem Cells.
Two basic sources:
within ourselves and the multiplication rate, say in a month, and impaction of Fasting techniques!
isolation and extraction from our own Stem Cells. for example, adipose fat…but viability variable. it’s the scope of regeneration and multiplication and cell origin
can be embryo cells or our own cells.. often the reason for certain stem cell therapy outside North America.
But Stem cell therapy now becoming a popular option among professional athletes with chronic pain and joint issues.

Thanks to the “Healing Miracle Team” of their Stem Cell Site. For identifying these athletes and others. They even include basketball Laker star Kobe Bryant!

Here two examples of their example top professional athletes:
Rafael Nadal, recent tennis triumph New York.
And Real Madrid forward. Christiano Rinaldo ‘footballer’ or in North America ‘soccer’ star!
34-year-old athlete Rinaldo, suffering knee injury during the match. Team saying it was cramp. But subsequent CT scan showing rupture.
Ronaldo agreeing to the same stem cell treatment as tennis star Rafael Nadal undertaking in 2014.
Result? The icon footballer saying he is pain-free in the knee. Something this player never experienced in two years of traditional therapy!

BUT…very specific location injuries, stem cells can be obvious. Myself watching research for replacement larger areas. Such as worn meniscus, from control leg, snowboarding, just affecting my right knee!

The magic here is the insertion of structure preventing these good, and expensive, stem cells from being washed out. Then they have time for the impact of regeneration!

The next stage: Recreation of our own Stem Cells internally and naturally.

So important for those over 35! I have written many posts on this!

Now for general commonsense:

We have to cross-discipline modalities. This interactive site does just that! I happen to love the YouTube of Dr. William Lee at the bottom of this post:

Not only talks about the modality of Stem Cells and it’s basic essence to our Health and Longevity.

But also his broad-spectrum, cross-modality disciplines, it’s a rare capability! If you have time listen!

Example: he does not outlaw alcohol! Although it is carcinogenic! But preaches restriction as it’s a reality better lived with for most!

But AlSO use of commonsense to achieve a positive overall result:

Compromise, even knowing there is damage, better than the abandonment of lifestyle and community, for instance, the social pub! that works!

His useful Pointers: our huge ability to recover our powers of ‘angiogenesis’. Growth of new blood vessels.

And word ‘holobiont‘ meaning ‘the host plus all of its symbiotic microbes’. thus that powerful microbiome! our second brain!

BUT back to our main point! Powerful Stem Cells for Savvy Top Athletes Relief! And so important for them!