Home Health & Fitness Age IS Authoritative In Deadly Coronavirus Mortality

Age IS Authoritative In Deadly Coronavirus Mortality

Age IS Authoritative In Deadly Coronavirus Mortality
Age IS Authoritative In Deadly Coronavirus Mortality

Children, teenagers, and young adults do not appear to be suffering a mortality rate even close to those of us more advanced in age when it comes to Covid-19.

There is much ado about masks and social distancing as schools gradually reopen. A huge concentration on masks, justification a huge question mark.

One study at McMaster University in Canada underscored that children are not a major source of transmission of COVID-19. It seems children under 10 are unlikely to drive outbreaks in daycares and schools and it’s the adults that are more likely to be transmitters of Covid-19. Also in terms of teens and young adults, the numbers are equally low.

This is not to say that children cannot contract the virus, just that they are more likely to be asymptomatic or show few adverse effects. As well, anyone, from any age group with the live virus on them can factor in as a spreader to others that they come in contact with.

Mortality amongst the young is low but that does not mean they cannot catch and spread Covid-19

On the demise side of the mortality equation, 8 out of 10 deaths are suffered by persons 65 and older. The reasoning as follows:

It seems to all come down to our senescent cells in our mitochondria. We are talking then at our cellular level.

There are several modalities to rid ourselves of these really potential harmful factors.

Many of our diseases, including cancer, are related to senescence! But this principle seems also to apply when succumbing to Covid-19.

Senescence cells are just in limbo, and cannot divide. They also secrete inflammatory cytokines triggering inflammation and dysfunction. T

Now it seems they run afoul of succumbing the host to Covid-19. We could add that to the long list of negative senescent results.

The consequential reality is that according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 8 of every 10 deaths from COVID-19 are people age 65 and older.

A Low-grade inflammatory response may be the result of several negative modality mechanisms, including a compromised gut microbiome and obesity.

It does not take much sequential thinking to realize that senescent cells with a pre-existing inflammatory cellular condition may just amplify the effects of COVID-19 in the respiratory tract.

It is here where the real issues for the elderly seem to predominate.

A practice of cyclical ketogenic eating plan is a prevention starter.

There are several other resulting benefits, including losing weight, fighting inflammation, reducing appetite, and lowering insulin levels.

Also, this site has been a promoter of FASTING itself. Particularly the FIVE DAY FAST. This, thanks to Valter Longo, is the optimum period to gain the most from apoptosis and stem cell revitalization.

All of which are at the cellular level. That is the key to fighting the onslaught of age in any event.

A payoff is likely increased resistance to Covid-19 and a multitude of other diseases. But the greatest payoff is increased general viability AS ONE AGES.

Anyway, no question that in itself Age IS Authoritative In Deadly Coronavirus Mortality.