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Zika Virus Victims – Women.

Zika Virus Victims
Zika Virus Victims

Summer will soon enough be back upon us and it is it’s important to remember last year’s biggest scare – the Zika Virus. Central and South America are breeding beds for the Zika mosquito, but also endemic with female intolerance amounting to Zika Virus Victims Women. The World Health has declared a public health emergency, effectively protecting its image from a repeat of the Ebola debacle…BUT it has failed to encourage a solution for women pregnant and their fetus infected by Zika. Nightmare in these conservative, religiously prejudiced, and dogmatic countries. In Latin America about 60% of pregnancies are unplanned. Authorities just tell women to avoid conception! BUT there women have little knowledge, or even access, to contraception…face highest rates of sexual violence, and literally no access to safe legal abortion. In El Salvador 40% of babies are born to teenage girls…ANY pregnancy termination risks criminal prosecution, and jail for up to 40 years! Central America, wracked by gang violence, an alpha male-sexual superiority and dominance, involves countless coercive sexual relationships.

Thus untold pregnancies, shocking dilemma for women. Catch 22, and pitiful. One area where the Roman Catholic church, all pervasive, and powerful in South America, with its new papal stewardship, COULD take leadership…but in practice DIFFICULT! Suspect privately, Pope Francis full understanding…he worked the slums of Argentina… BUT, despite this, he heads a political establishment that even he cannot DRAMATICALLY change…he takes small steps! The massive church organization he heads…at this point NO SOFTENING…so: ‘anti-abortion’, anti-conception, even ‘anti-condom’ doctrines…Look at recent, relentless, Papal ‘attack’ on sister organization, Knights of Malta…who as devoted Roman Catholics, humanely, allowed condom distribution in their charitable Catholic work! But Brazil, with Congress, now, amidst their corruption issues, currently removing humane current legal exceptions allowing abortion for women in these dire circumstances…change? they go to jail as a deterrence!

Now worse for women…encouraged and endorsed by religious influence. Zika Virus Victims Women!

For us in North America, and I have young teenage girls, it is almost incomprehensible that women are so subjugated and marginalized. It is bad enough that Zika is a major, and soon to become, potentially overwhelming medical problem… but for ZIKA WOMEN victims, its Zika Virus Victims Women!…a human nightmare, that crushes and devastates those women, helpless, and truly victims.