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Green Banana Salad

Green Banana Salad
Green Banana Salad

Green Banana Salad is a favorite banana selection. Often they are shipped this way to avoid spoilage, and we the recipients are the apparent victims.

BUT don’t despair, we can take advantage of their greenness! It all comes under the heading and health principles of Digestive Resistant Starch!

This banana salad product can actually bypass the small intestine, and thereby greatly assist the fermenting process in our large intestine.
that assists our Microbiome Diet, and the necessity for good bacteria, that are critical in what is our ‘second brain’.
The more unripe the banana the better!
As it ripens it turns to sugars, and the starch resistant ‘starch’ which can be about 80% of its overall content is thereby drastically reduced! We actually do NOT want that result!

For about ten servings:

2, 1/2 cups of water; sprinkle of Himalayan salt, 4 really green bananas and of course peeled!; 1, small sliced cucumber; 3, shredded small to medium carrots; 2, avocados without skins, and pips, chopped; handful of small tomatoes, cut up, or 1, 1/2 normal sized tomato; a little fruit, such as a few cubes of pineapple, or watermelon sliced and cut, or some blueberries; or even sliced dried fruit, such as a few dried apricots, some celery stalk, also sliced into small segments. a few sliced up nuts an option.


The water, bananas, and Himalayan salt, bring to boil, and immediately reduce heat to simmer, until the bananas seem tender. This should only take about five minutes. The water should just cover the bananas. Drain and cool bananas, then slice crosswise, in half inch segments. Toss with other ingredients, and also the vinaigrette dressing and olive oil.

Chill platter, and serve cold your Green Banana Salad!

Our microbiome is important. This recipe provides a neat, tasty and healthy way, for the many positive methods in our life travels. Its fun and with some impunity!

It is also amazing how our actual brain is positively affected by our microbiome, this knowledge is especially important for seniors, but the earlier the knowledge is deployed, the greater the chance of fighting any ultimate brain impairment….all vital to know. Anyway a great recipe with a biochemical plus! Here is to your Green Banana Salad.