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LED Lights Harmful!

How do we compensate for LED lights and probable harm..?

How do we compensate for LED lights and probable harm..? With Ultra Violet and Infra Red light! We need to limit exposure, but also need to obtain somehow, infra red spectrums to compensate. Question, if one looks at Vitamin D lamp through protective glasses, does the infra red penetrate to allow this…one certainly cannot take off that protective shield!  Otherwise we have to limit as much as possible, and grab infrared from natural sources whenever, to avoid Macular risks and blindness. Now, and have read a lot, am somewhat confused on near infra red and infra red. If I follow Dr. Alexander Wunsch correctly, we need both, because they  comprise the longer wave lengths. See some of Dr. Alexander Wunsch on YouTube! LED Lights Harmful!

Our social problem is almost overwhelmingly exacerbated by our indoor life! This in turn is worsened by our artificial light, coupled with gadgets and late nights…and lack of sleep! LED Lights Harmful!

Our millions of years of heritage, means circadian rhythms attuned to natural darkness and sunlight…and all that meant in other ways! Such as when we ate etc.! Even with the discovery of fire, the last two million years, that fire light…yellow, orange and red wavelengths, was not detrimental. But the wavelengths of natural light, and blue are different! Hence a potential disaster from LED lights. They use about 75% less energy, so the immediate cash advantages seem overwhelming. BUT the potential medical, negative ramifications, including Macular Degeneration and Blindness, for the elderly, could cost Billions more in Health Care.

If conservative as possible, then only reduced sleep times, poor sleep quality, and resultant excessive sleepiness, with associated confused circadian rhythms…see our article on Time Changes!… the cost is massive. But add Obesity…which is a Metabolic Syndrome disease, affecting Heart Disease, with associated Atherosclerosis and risk of death, Diabetes, and that enormous cost to our community. LED Lights Harmful!