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Magic of Sunlight!

But the beneficial health effects of sunlight are not just Ultraviolet B

This is a constant theme of this WEB but at this time of the year it is overwhelming. Recently, a study of women between the ages of 18 and 25, living in the Pacific North West, confirmed a significant resultant actual depression. Significantly different from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD…where there is recovery with the return of sunlight! A good guide would be a number of at least 40% continuing with depression. Now this is almost directly related to lack of Vitamin D, because of the lack of sunlight. Further taking oral Vitamin D is not that satisfactory, because of the difficulty the body actually has for effective Vitamin D assimilation. See our articles on Vitamin D and its overwhelming importance for health. Magic of Sunlight!

But the beneficial health effects of sunlight are not just Ultraviolet B…there are many benefits as set out by Swiss heliotherapy specialist Dr. Auguste Rollier. Also Dr. Alexander Wunsch a German physician and expert in photobiology emphasizes the adaptation of humans to sunlight in many respects. Magic of Sunlight!

He maintains its major circadian stimulus for the body clock, and the importance via the eyes and skin, of the different colours and wavelengths.This includes InfraRed and Near Infra Red light, for many health benefits. Example: chromophores in our mitochondria electron transport chain, respond to near infrared as disease prevention, and impacts mood and mental health. The near infrared also primes retina cells for repair and regeneration! It affects adenosine triphosphate..ATP or cellular energy as a boost. Serotonin, an important hormone is directly related to sunlight! NO, or Nitric Oxide, is produced because of Ultra Violet, this helps optimize Infrared absorption in the skin! Nitric Oxide is also a natural antioxidant. In other words, both Ultraviolet and Infrared from the sun has been adapted by our DNA over millions of years to work synergistically. The overall objective seems to be fundamentally anti-inflammatory…and in the end that is our real killer! Magic of Sunlight!