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Personal Alzheimer’s Fight Motivation!

Personal Alzheimer's Fight Motivation!
Personal Alzheimer's Fight Motivation!

Our Website gives shorthand on fundamental health issues…and sources from multitude research. When individual solutions combined…becomes powerful sledgehammer!…Take Alzheimer’s…Here have Personal Alzheimer’s Fight Motivation! As teenager conquered Rheumatoid Arthritis…by instinct as then little autoimmunity know how! Then personal phobia family Heart Disease…so concentrated on prevention. Recent concern share with seniors …numbers mounting beyond third…Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Past noticed usual lapses name recognition, other negatives that addressed with specialist. The appropriate tests taken and confirmed wise maximize every precaution for avoidance of what can become horrible progressive disease, both for patient and family. Specialist frankly little practical recommendation, except alcohol avoidance, as brain toxin, and to exercise! Their fall back drugs!

Well believe now know more than most doctors and even specialists. And result particularly want to share with families with loved ones suffering reason for Personal Alzheimer’s Fight Motivation!

Let me rapidly personalize by way of few graphic examples, and following rapid thoughts are no where near comprehensive! Family history can contribute to vulnerability. My mother’s side, included companion Parkinson’s, and elements. She suffered some brain shrinkage, an indicator. and noticed mental difficulties her latter days. My history athleticism positive…non smoker, but historically, socially, too much alcohol…easy trait, and in fact alcohol carcinogenic. Office work, desk work, negatives…to little natural sunlight and vitamin D….Contrary to advice of most dermatologists! Also too much sitting, problem with legal profession! Took long time realize, as did researcher and athlete Tim Noakes of South Africa, probably pre-diabetic…as historically way too many carbohydrates and sugars! Even thought Coca Cola diet drinks okay! Believed, like many, fruit juice healthy! Too many heavy dinners late at night!..that glycemic index just spikes. Traditional avoidance of good fats that we need in higher %. Sought out margarine! Even avoidance of egg yolks for decades! Of course ‘over portion’ size CAFO meats! List thoughtless personal transgressions endless!

Then add stressful occupation…that of trial lawyer!.add any home stress, as befalls many, such as divorce or separation, add demanding teenagers…then you have a lethal cocktail! Even vegetables I disliked and avoided…gut flora and microbiome…no clue! But this Blog now provides many solutions, some even passive such as Photobiomodulation. Key to take multi frontal sledge hammer and fight Dementia…thus my Personal Alzheimer’s Fight Motivation!