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Heliotherapy Advances!


Dramatic Heliotherapy Advances in the medical profession have been all but forgotten. About century ago, medicinal training also involved healing therapies effectively harnessing light spectrum. Then, tuberculosis or TB, was killer…Oscar Bernhardt, pioneered Heliotherapy, used the cold Alpine, with less oxygen, and sun exposure, for TB treatment. Also other Metabolic Syndrome targets, including chronic infections. No thanks to ‘Big Pharma’, interested in lucrative drug therapies, this sector now advanced ‘light years’…coin phrase!…thanks to very few.

Personally, convinced quantum leap largely due to British countryman, a researcher, Michael Hamblin. Associate professor of dermatology, Harvard Medical School, who ‘under radar’…relatively!…researching photo medicine long time, at Massachusetts General Hospital, or MIT. Convinced, from my ‘first principles’ paleolithic views, that understanding importance sunlight and relevance to overwhelming vitamin D deficiencies is just start! Because light spectra…Red and Near Infra Red wavelengths, hold passport optimization health big time. Further…possibility ‘turning clock back’, with specific targeting of Metabolic Syndrome issues, or put another way…Insulin Resistance Syndrome already blogged! This Web continuously encouraged Vitamin D benefits of Natural sunlight…but NOW, for myself, in area relatively few understand, overwhelming importance… respecting sunshine…Infra Red and Near Infra Red spectra.

But research results of Near Infra Red spectra incredible!…now at level of comprehension that provides therapeutic modalities. That is the breakthrough! Heliotherapy Advances!

With proper utilization of ‘new’ LED lamps, coupled spectrum comprehension, a quantum leap for optimal health maintenance, NOW powerful tool for health damage, NOW reality. There are some, ‘stumbling’ around the field. Often come with personal mindsets and agendas. Interview with Dr. Hamblin has some of those elements…BUT because of ‘staccato’ bombardment of questions, and excellent, patient manner in which this brilliant professor answers, I have purposely included the interview as an introduction on a series of Bog discussions that I intend to accomplish. Now  we can avoid inherent issues and limitations of ‘lasers’, is the threshold of a ‘Eureka ‘moment! Heliotherapy Advances! and a long way…that is my convinced opinion. Almost magical…imagine complementing comprehension and implementation of most of the principles espoused on this WEB…few examples: Diet, Exercise, Continual Movement, Fasting or partial Fasting…with a ‘Mitochondrial Makeover’…and the resulting health boost! It’s not even long term…results almost immediate! Effectively this arena like a ‘catalytic accelerator’!…my expression!