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Effective Chlorine Removal

Effective Chlorine Removal
Effective Chlorine Removal

My step father Maurice, was a water engineer. He always fretted about a practical way to deliver clean water in the third world, and to remove, economically, sewage, without contaminating water supplies. He predicted water a valuable commodity and an ever diminishing supply and believed in ‘standing’ water for Effective Chlorine Removal to avoid consequential highly toxic disinfection products… DBPs.

We can put filters on house incoming water, and further filters for outlets, particularly shower heads, bathrooms and kitchens. To do this is quite expensive, but a good investment long term. Another effective method is to filter the water we drink through the Brita and O-machines (the latter we have). Brita is so so…but the O filters take ‘everything’ out and the filter thus has to be frequently replaced, because of those sediments rather than chlorine! The result is almost distilled water that may unnaturally remove those very organics that one needs exposure to…. for natural long term resistance ‘within’ ourselves.  Analogous to our children exposed to dirt…actually good!… they grow up with better inherent resistance for the long term.

If you have a boiling water supply such as a built in heater at the sink…and I like these because it is instant…. tip, that boiling water actually effectively removes and evaporates chlorine. The trouble with chlorine and its associate chloramine, are the dangerous DBPs. If one can practice Effective Chlorine Removal, that’s a real success in our toxin bombarded society, where we are literally dodging being overwhelmed!

Shower quickly…baths not so bad because of the evaporation combined with heat, and I now apprehensive when my girls are in chlorine pools…you just smell it…I used to think swimming was an excellent sport, BUT now….one has to be careful that the youngster has literally no ongoing metabolic weakness that can fall victim to chlorine issues.

Incidentally UV light kicks chlorine and citrus lemon additionally ….it’s a good flavour for water for the children. A nose test….just sniff the open jug of water…you will quickly get that sense chlorine if present. I surreptitiously just pass by the open jug of water at the table in a restaurant and usually it’s good! What we do to steer through the maze toward consistent and Effective Chlorine Removal!!!