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Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!

Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!
Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!

Longevity Tips & Sleep Important! Punch line at article conclusion..but again emphasis on necessity of sleep…seems overwhelming…disturbingly so! Author Deborah Mitchell puts this as priority, and she is clued in at 63 years of age! Have noticed that successful centenarians seem to have common traits, and sleep is almost a consistent ‘necessary’…Take Dr Elleswoth Wareham, heart surgeon who ‘involuntarily’ retired at 95…his quote: ‘it seemed like a nice number!’ and whose colleagues wanted to pay for the increased medical malpractice insurance rampant necessity in the ‘lawsuit prone’ US…! This skillful surgeon sleeps a good span, at least eight hours or more! This in ‘contra’ distinction to the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Donald Reagan, both of whom succumbed to Alzheimer’s. Dr. Wareham feels his mind is just as alert as ever! There is only one overview and ‘slight’ commentary perhaps he would agree…and my own frequent writing and ‘desk’ & ‘document’ review occupation mirror…with result that teenage daughters are incessantly complaining about my tendency to poor posture…if only Dr. Wareham could have concentrated and tacked more on posture front…with appropriate counter remedies… then he would be perfection!!

Albert Einstein College of Medicine expertise reckons that full human lifespan likely 125 years…longest living to date have ‘hovered’ at 115…BUT NOW baby lifespan born in US 2016 is 79 years!..so target 125 years could be attainable! Tips and secrets!…: We have discussed all important sleep…and glial cells…that shrink to some 60% during deep Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM)…enables brain flush out of toxins BUT not least amyloid material… & ‘miles’ more efficiently than when awake! Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!

during deep Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM)…enables brain flush out of toxins BUT not least amyloid material… & ‘miles’ more efficiently than when awake! Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!

Back to Dr. Wareham….he satisfies this criteria! Also he has purpose in life…now adapted and promotes his vegan diet…(he has discovered compensatory B 12 vitamin for veganism!…am being gently sarcastic!) But means perhaps some animal product intake but limited and compensatory…example: fast swimming non toxic fish..! Soon perhaps to be non existent! Being pescatarian does not risk overwhelming negative impact of meat! But this is to digress…Dr. Wareham has passion and excitement getting up, he has limited stress…(no easy task if one is in business or fighting lawsuits or bureaucracy!)…and illness and accidents that are a hazard factor outside health!). His marshaling ironically actually assisted continual fight against illness…including cancer. All means Positive thinking! By this…acceptance of matters one cannot impact…easier said than done!… and acting on those that one can impact. By this at same time avoid procrastination…in other words ‘go out and meet the enemy’! Additionally try to remain social and ‘being active’ can garner this sociability naturally! even the unsaid…(recently not so unsaid)…remain sexually active!… frisky…British and Scandinavian studies endorse this sector overwhelmingly!

Factor from Deborah Mitchell…Floss regularly! Those that do…30% drop mortality! BUT oral hygiene overwhelmingly important…so too toxins in mouth…include mercury! Too many skilled dental friends of mine only to retire and die from cancer. A similar avoidance of an overwhelming ‘negative’…cut out smoking…which, according to New England Journal of Medicine, reduces lifespan by decade! And most importantly, as reversion to the commencement of this article…maintain predominantly plant based diet…just as Dr. Ellesworth Wareham…my opinion: vegetarianism…with some digression to pescetarianism…fish…even some organic meat…(rarely), may not be overwhelmingly disastrous! BUT: punch line for Longevity…get all these factors right, and adopt Fasting for at least twice a year…but this area is tricky! It involves the results of research at the University of Southern California and Mastery of Longevity by Valter Longo.! For another time! Longevity Tips & Sleep Important!