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Is This the End of Male Pattern Baldness?

Is This the End of Male Pattern Baldness?
Is This the End of Male Pattern Baldness?

You will have to bear with me on the question of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) posed in the title as I will indeed get to it by the end. Meanwhile, a little bit of background and related material surrounding the reality we are living today.

Our language evolves on a daily basis. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The change that has stood out the most for me this year has been “mRNA”. I know that it is not new but it has become a term that we have learned to use when talking about the different vaccines surrounding the Covid19 Pandemic.

Below you will find a 2017 TED talk video by Tal Zaks of Moderna. I am impressed! It is ‘Transhumanism’ at it’s best’ and augurs a fantastic armory to fight disease and genetic setbacks. It is the stuff of science fiction and in many ways one must welcome this new dawn. It could be ‘utopia’!

But what concerns me is the giant steps that suddenly are assumed to have been accomplished since this ‘TED’ discussion. The Moderna vaccine is an mRNA product and “gene therapy technology”. Indeed this is their actual description in the filing with the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • mRNA technology is a form of gene therapy, but hopefully one that does not permanently alter our DNA.
  • Dr. Tal Zaks is the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, and describes the company’s mRNA vaccines as ‘information technology’.
  • He makes the analogy of mRNA to our body’s operating system. Once injected the mRNA is simply a human ‘software’ update!
  • This he says works on mice…and now for humans. In the audience was his first cancer patient.
  • Her unique DNA in order to combat that particular ‘screwed up’ immune system had been downloaded.
  • He pointed to his first cancer patient in the audience to thunderous applause. Now I wonder what the follow up on that patient is?

I know that the vaccines for this Covid pandemic are similarly viewed; but I also know that until the Pandemic this whole process was experimental! There would be a proper assessment based on normal parameters for humans.

The Pandemic, as with a ‘brush of the wand’ has been able to put aside long term trials and gone much further. These mRNAs are now the ‘order of the day’, bypassing any later experimental phases. They are now mRNA ‘vaccinations’ in the full sense of the word and this is where I pause! I am consequently being asked to run the risk that what was experimental, now by Government edict no longer is?

Is mRNA the solution to Male Pattern Baldness?

But we have gone one step further as I am being told to accept that these mRNAs are now ‘vaccinations’. Indeed, Moderna is keen on this description, and I wonder if legally this has something to do with limiting claims, under present protocols, for claims concerning side effects of vaccinations!

But now that we have reclassified mRNAs to ‘vaccinations’, I find that it is becoming almost compulsory to have taken the ‘shot’. Particularly if you want to travel in this nightmare world of continual tests and produce the evidence on your phone which I would be willing to bet, will be mandated!

The difference between vaccine mRNA and your natural mRNA, is that your natural mRNA resides in the nucleus of the cell where your cellular DNA resides, and exits the nucleus when a protein needs to be made. This is in stark contrast to mRNA from vaccines, which is synthetic and enters the cell from the outside and is not designed to enter the nucleus. Let us hope in that respect! No definitive answer yet!

This question of ‘how long it lasts’ is legitimate. The answer is as yet unknown and we are just told to accept the vaccine as is! If it works… great, because the possible applications are scary but limitless as the lessons we learn and the technology behind this will undoubtedly leap frog us to the greatest medical discovery since Viagra… Is this the End of Male Pattern Baldness?… and that is the real money maker!