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Zika Virus Victims – Women.

Zika Virus Victims
Summer will soon enough be back upon us and it is it's important to remember last year's biggest scare - the Zika Virus. Central...

Consequence Immobility!

Consequence Immobility!
Consequence Immobility!...generally in our society...with its fixation at work of longterm sitting, cars, and just laying around looking at screens...unending!...it's a horrendous toll from our...

Heliotherapy Advances!

Heliotherapy Advancesvideo
Dramatic Heliotherapy Advances in the medical profession have been all but forgotten. About century ago, medicinal training also involved healing therapies effectively harnessing light spectrum....

Diet & Gut Disaster!

Diet & Gut Disaster!
Our Gut, our Second Brain and Dictates our Health! North American Diet & Gut Disaster! Microbiome pathways to brain significant, and for long term...

Multi-Tasking Impossible!

Multi-Tasking Impossible
A fascinating book, well researched and immediately struck a cord with my thinking! 'Brain Chains': 'Discover Your Brain, to Unleash Its Full Potential In a Hyperconnected,...

Business Stress, Killer?

Business Stress, Killer?video
Our North American Society....and most other societies are rapidly copying us!...far cry from our Paleolithic roots. Our DNA developed over millions...'millions'...not just the last...

Vitamin Deficiencies.

Vitamin Deficiencies
Many of our Vitamin Deficiencies Today, can be handled by adjustments to diet and daily behavior...North American lifestyle unfortunately drives us to compensate. Let us...

Weight Loss Fiction!

Weight Loss Fictionvideo
The more exposeure to this issue, the more I go back to Paleolithic principles. The human, with its' brilliant inherited DNA, that we now...

Gorden Kaye, Head Injury

Gorden Kaye
Sadly, recently, marked death British actor, Gorden Kaye, consummate comedian 'bar none' aged 75. Started with Coronation Street, back in late 1960s. Remember him...

Aging and Glasses

As we age.... around 45, there seems to be point, where popping a pair of specs on the end of the nose, seems the...
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